Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hi again.  I haven't forgotten about my little corner of the blogosphere.  Some of you already know my news from the cricut circle messageboard.  We're expecting to add to our family in December so that has really changed my energy and health lately.  I did cheekily post in the blog heading that this blog may seem abandoned at times, hee hee. 

I'm really hoping to get some more posts going again soon.  I have made some adorable "quiet books" or "busy books" that I really want to post but Picassa has been disagreeable in letting me dig them out since they are no longer on the memory cards.  Stupid technology!  I also have some CTMH layouts redesigned but not cut out or anything since my mojo has been seriously waylaid by nausea last month and of course fatigue.

Ha, its been awhile I almost forgot I have to use "Safari" browser to post pictures since Firefox blocks so much stuff!

Here's an inspiration picture of the chokecherry tree that overshadows our backyard, it smells so sweet and fresh right now.  Its a huge tree and the birds love the berries in the fall which makes great "bird TV" for our kitties!

Happy Spring to everyone!