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CTMH + NEW Shin Han Touch Markers

CTMH is switching their markers to the Shin Han brand.  Here are three very good links showcasing the markers.  Shin Han Touch twin markers 1 min 2 seconds, Shin Han colourless blender pen 1 minute 2 seconds, and http://www.touchmarker.co.uk/.  CTMH will be releasing more videos detailing these markers but here's the 411 until then.  I have summarized this from multiple YouTube videos and CTMH consultant videos for your reference.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, this is pure information at its best that I can share.  I think of it as retro internet, lots of info, not much icing, LOL!

CTMH will be launching Shin Han markers with the new August annual 2014-15 Idea book catalogue.  There will be 24 marker colours to choose from, and one colourless blender pen, each  $5.95 USD or $6.50CAD.  The colours are complementary to CTMH colours, including neutrals and flesh tones.  They will be available for Hostess rewards redemption on gatherings (parties).

These alcohol based markers are square, so they do not roll off the table.  They are tried & proven quality Japanese product available for over 20 years.  They feature dual (replaceable) tips; a brush tip and a chisel tip.  They are comparable quality to Copic brand markers.  They are fast drying, low odour that dissipates quickly, and refillable.  It is not known at this time if CTMH will have refill ink or replacement nibs (marker tips) available.

Three things that are important to know:   Store these ShinHan markers horizontally, they will fit in CTMH small, medium and large organizers to store.  Use a light pressure with these markers.  A heavy hand will damage the nibs.  These markers are juicy, so they will seep through most papers to whatever surface is underneath.  A pad of scrap paper, or a non-stick mat under your project is ideal to prevent ruining your table.  Or just use high quality cardstock.

Using a light touch, and repeating layers is the best way to increase desired colour saturation for shading.  When colouring a line-drawn-style stamped image, it is recommended to use heat-set solvent ink, pigment ink, or heat embossed ink to prevent the lined image from being dissolved and smeared.  These markers will blur water based dye ink (stamped) images.  That is not a bad thing if you use a pale ink for a line-less effect for your project.

Utilizing the blender pen and blending techniques the colour variety is quite broad.  Layering ink lightest to darkest is the easiest way to control the level of desired colour saturation. This way achieves soft, blended, watercolour-like or pastel images.  OR go ahead and try dark to light blending for more masculine effects, heavy visual images, teenage style, graffiti, or cartoon images.  They're your markers, the more you play, the easier they get to use.

The colourless blender pen is an essential tool to complement your ShinHan marker set.  Simply scribble off to clean the colour away.  While a project is still fresh coloured or damp, you can:
Remove excess ink colour
Dilute or soften ink saturation
Patch a mistake
Tidy an edge
Blur an edge
Create highlights
Define a shadow
Create dots, stripes, and details

So, big deal, 24 markers, wow.  24 markers; each colour self layered 3 times =  4 colours per marker x 24 = 96 colours.  If you take those 96 colours and do a shade grid, one colour each line vertical, then repeat horizontal = 9216?!?   BUT half of those are duplicates because of the nature of the grid, so divide by 2 = 4608 colours?!?  That's a bit more versatile value I guess, assuming my math isn't too wonky.  Please correct me if I've goofed up and I will happily amend my calculations.

Alcohol ink Markers can be used for more than just colouring, after doing a test spot, try re-colouring these things:
complementing your mixed media projects
gems & rhinestones
plastic- sequins, pearls, shrinky dink plastic
metal -brads, eyelets, staples, charms

Don't be afraid to cruise the internet to see what & how Graffiti Artists, Cartoonists, or Art Journaling Artists are creating with their alcohol markers.  Knock-off markers are available online for cheaper prices.  If they are not labeled "Made in Korea" they are fakes.  The fakes will have spelling mistakes on the labels, poorly fitting nibs, caps that are disagreeable to remove/apply, and are often more smelly.

Splitcoast Stampers Blending Alcohol ink markers tutorial.  Is there anything paper related SPC can't do?  Oh, and one last link Kaszazz brand Alcohol markers document, a really good resource for all things alcohol markers, beautiful instructional booklet.  I printed one out for reference, it's that good.  I know its not the same brand, but techniques are similar for almost all the alcohol marker brands it seems.

I will leave it with you to investigate techniques of using markers.  I am a complete newbie to these since Sharpie are my normal go-to alcohol markers.  I'd love it if you left a comment telling me about how you use your markers, techniques to share & try, fails...  Anything really!  Thanks for stopping by, I hope this is helpful information for you!

Spoiler alert!  I've got a fun stamping project share coming up, starting August 1!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reserved post for CTMH Artfully sent Cricut cartridge: post 5 of 5

Just reserving a spot in my sequence of blog posts for this cartridge.  Sorry to get your hopes up prematurely.  Here is a link to my most current information about the cartridge.  "Artfully Sent."

I will work on document 5 of 5 when I get my own cartridge.  Coming soon...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

CTMH ArtBooking Cricut Cartridge: post 4 of 5

Please take a moment to read this Friendly Notice & disclaimer:  This file was created by Karen Richardson and is offered for free, for your personal use.  This information has been collected from a massive assortment of talented YouTube artists, creative bloggers, Pintrest, Google images searches, the friendly people on the Cricut message-boards, CTMH online business address & CTMH consultant message-board.   I started collecting these tips years ago and do not have records of where they were collected from, so credit is not noted.  I mean no offence or disrespect to the original talented and knowledgeable Cricut afficionado people of the internet.   The spirit of this document is information sharing, is of non-malicious intent, and is non-profit.  Feel free to direct your CTMH friends, to my blog to share this document with them.  However, this document may NOT be: sold, traded, bartered, published or presented as your personal work.  If you feel that this document is inappropriate for your purposes, please disregard it.  

Key:  p = handbook page; b = button on keypad; feature buttons are noted as in the handbook (IE Title, Photomat 1 or 2, Icon, Border, Overlay).   * = flag

ArtBooking Cartridge, Released 2013, Item # Z1906

Features: 15 scrapbook layouts; 10 themed mini books; full upper & lower case alphabet; endless variation of mix & match elements; overlays, photomats, borders, titles.  It is great for many card elements too.  It will mix & match well with Art Philosophy and Artiste cartridges.
Coordinating Dimensional Elements (Chipboard), 9x12” sheets, $4.95 each.  Noted on packages what size to cut:  Framework Z1900, Signage Z1902, Snapshots Z1901
Digital Handbook PDF:  http://content.cricut.com/b/pdfs/res/handbooks/ArtbookingCTMH.pdf
Coordinating CTMH stamp sets are always available at CTMH consultant online business address:  please go to Karen Richardson, your CTMH consultant OBA

Artbooking Handbook notes:
1.       The coordinating stamp set images for Artbooking must be cut using the “real dial size” button ON.  It is a good idea to write with permanent marker on the stamp sets envelopes coordinating with Artbooking.
2.       Review “General Tips for Cricut cuts & Cricut usage” section for more ideas.
3.       The suggested dial size for each mini book or scrapbook page can be mixed & matched between projects.  They are organized in page pairs as shown in the handbook for simplicity of projects.  Pages 38-57, buttons 1-20 are designated for mini books.  Look closer at the sizing and you will see they can be adjusted to mix & match compatibility.  Some elements you may have to check in Cricut Craft room, or experiment with real dial size to see height & width of elements.
4.       Pages 58-87, buttons 21-50 are designated for 12x12” scrapbook pages.  ALL the scrapbook page elements can be mixed & matched to suit your preference without needing to change the dial size.  That’s over 41209 creative possibilities if you mix in the mini-book selections!  Look outside the suggested idea book colour schemes and themes.
5.       If you change the suggested dial size for your project, all elements will size proportionally to the selected size.
6.       “ General Tips for Cricut cartridge handbooks #6.”  This will show you the direction overlays and other images will cut on your mat. 
7.       Borders trick: Change your Cricut mat size to a 12x24” mat, align paper down ½” from starting edge (leave ½” gap of sticky on the mat), size your image to 12.25” to get a 12” border.  CTMH has a video showcasing how to do this.
8.       Overlays can have custom colour layers if you use Cricut Design Studio, Gypsy, or manually place coloured paper pieces in the openings.  They can be trimmed to fit across 2 pages.  Negative pieces can be re-pieced to create new background detail pieces.  They can be sized to 4-6” for card details using Real dial size button ON.
9.       Many of the square overlays, Real dial size ON, cut at 6” will fit CTMH Designed Decor Flipstand Item #Z1896 to make custom calendars, kids lists, daily job lists, token keeper, potty-mouth  tracker, games  like tick-tac-toe, matching, Bingo etc...
10.   Any square elements:  cut multiples; turn 90 degrees into diamonds for background interest using monochromatic, patchwork, or contrasting colours.
11.   Use “real dial size” ON to mix & match alphabet upper & lower case to try an eclectic look or ransom letter style, all the letters will be the same height.

Artbooking Button ideas:
Mix & Match mini book cheat sheet:  
Not all the binding holes will line up mix & matching, so you may have to do creative covering/re-punching holes to bind your project.  You can extend pages with washi tape hinges, paper hinges, and symmetrical shape elements folded in half as hinges (see General Tips for Cricut cuts & Cricut usage #28).  These books were designed with a side “gutter” allowance for binding purposes.  Books can be bound with binder rings, zap-straps, 2-piece office supply fasteners commonly used for file folders, nuts & bolts, ribbon, yarn, bakers twine, embroidery floss...  Put a dot of Liquid glass (#Z679) on the tip of soft thread to give it stiffness for easier threading (no needle needed).  Remember not to cinch too tightly when binding your book or the pages will not turn easily.  Flip flaps (Item numbers Z1747, Z1726, Z1325, Z4114) and techniques outlined in the CTMH book “Magic” item #9040, will offer you even MORE creative possibilities for your mini-book projects.
Page 38, 39, buttons 1, 2               6” = 6” x 6”          8” = 8” x 8”          10” = 10” x 10”
P 40, 41, buttons 3, 4                      8”= 8” x 6”           10” = 10” x 8”
P 42, 43, buttons 5, 6                      7” = 7” x 5”          8” = 8” x 6”          10” = 10” x 8”
P44, 45, buttons 7, 8                       6” = 6” x 6”          8” = 8” x 8”          10” = 10” x 10”
P 46, 47, buttons 9, 10                    11” = 11” x 8.5”
P 48, 49, buttons 11, 12                  8” = 8” x 3.5”
P 50, 51, buttons 13, 14                  8” = 8” x 6”          10” = 10” x 8”
P 52, 53, buttons 15, 16                  7” = 6” x 7”
P 54, 55, buttons 17, 18                  6” = 6” x 6”          8” = 8” x 8”          10” = 10” x 10”
P 56, 57, buttons 19, 20                  8” = 8”x 6”           10”= 10” x8”      
Page 38, Icon + button 1:  geo-tag symbol, Ouija board game piece
 P 38, Icon + shift b 1: *
P 38, Overlay b 1: Note directionality of overlay (clouds).
P39 b2 shift beach ball, orange slice, sun
P 40 Overlay b3, use as a template with ink & sponge daubers Z726 or Z1938 to make dotty backgrounds
P41 shift + Photomat 1, b 4: envelope
P41 Border b 4:  Folds into a mini book.  Will be 6” long if cut at suggested size.
P41 shift + Overlay b 4: woven with ribbon or paper strips like privacy fencing.
P42 shift + title b 5: “approved”
P42 Photomat2: both are pockets
P43 Photomat1, b6:  both could be cut 5.5” to make a card
P43 Photomat2, b6:  cut at 5.5” to make a pocket card for paper dolls or other enclosures.
P43 Photomat2 + shift b6:  pocket, nice with double sided paper
P43 overlay b6:  decoder; highlight “I” and “U” with a strip of paper & word across it (adore, love, like, respect)
P44 Photomat 2 + shift b7: envelope pocket
P44 Icon b7: both are *
P45 Photomat 2 b8: use as a ½ page in album
P45 Icon b8: both are tabs, can be used as pocket pulls, or accents to layered details.
P47 Border + shift b10: photo clip, carrot.
P48 Photomat2 +shift b11: cut 2=heart
P48 Border +shift b11: fit to page as overlay.
P48 Overlay b11: doodle x’s, hearts or use as spray mask
P48 Overlay +shift b11: bread tag, detail under ribbon bow
P49 Photomat1 b11: cut 2 to glue together so “love” isn’t too flimsy
P49 Icon +shift b11: real dial size ON, cut at 3” fits “Love you” stamp set D1595 Cloud 9 promotion
P49 Overlay + shift b12: like balloons
P50 Photomat1 b13: cut 2 to glue together so “baby” isn’t too flimsy
P50 Photomat2 b13: both are envelopes
P51 Photomat2 b14: both are envelopes
P54, 55 buttons 17, 18:  To outsmart programmed image margins: cut one circle page, remove mat from machine, remove cut but leave paper on mat, turn mat around and reload into machine to cut 2nd page per 12x12 sheet of paper.  Once done, move blade to remaining paper areas and cut other accent selections.  Or you can manually trace basic shape (Photomat 1 b17) on remaining paper and hand cut.  These are great to layer pages to create dual tone effects.
P55 Photomat 1 + shift b18: glimmer tape backs the letters perfectly.
P55 Overlay b18: cut 2, negative glued together becomes a paper spring to coil between 2 pages.
P56 Border b19: both can be rolled up as flowers, or cut 2 to accordion fold as a rosette
P57 Title shift b20: “December”
P 57 Photomat1 b20: both “December” or “Christmas” cut 2 to glue together so its not too flimsy
P57 Border b20: both are ticket stub borders
P58 Icon b21:  also known fondly as “potty people”
P58 Overlay b21:  zebra suggest zoo, romance, travel, teenage
P59 icon b22: cupid, dancing baby, flying baby, mobile hanging
P59 Border b22:  crows, lovebirds, mockingbirds, songbirds, ”a little bird told me,” “Did you hear the news?” “I like the looks of THAT car,” “Sometimes you’re the bird, sometimes you’re the target”
P59 Overlay b22:  Hearts!
P60 Icon b23: roll up flower, spiral spring between pages
P62 shift +Border b25: flower, button
P63 Icon b26: layered can look like a flower or a pinwheel
P64 Shift + Icon b27: ribbon cut in any colour to represent cancer or remembering
P64 Border b27: layer to look like barbed wire
P64 Photomat1, b27: Arrows for military, for pointing out title, can be backed with sparkle paper or a different colour.
P64 Overlay b27: bubbles, party/celebration, nationality, fireworks
P66 Photomat1 b29:  back cut-out opening with different coloured papers, fill with puff paint, glitter...
P67 Overlay b30: cut at 11” openings match “Honeycomb” stamp set #C1537 for fun stamping variation backgrounds
P72 Overlay b35: cut multiple colour papers to layer different coloured papers.  OR, cut from Kraft paper and stamp the cutout leaves with any colour & texture pigment ink to place back into openings.  Foam dot some leaves to create dimension.  Or Pencil trace the cutouts on the background paper and random stamp custom leaves.  Doodle faces, names or feelings on the leaves.
P73 Photomat 1 & 2 b36: cut-out opening with different coloured papers, fill with puff paint, glitter...
P73 Overlay b36: arrows, snowflakes, stylized sunshine
P74 Border b37: layer with different papers for border detail, card accent
P74 Overlay b37: cut apart into garland, embellish with glitter, aluminum foil or furnace tape...
P75 Overlay b38:  ornaments, alien spaceships, cat toys...
P76 b39: snowflakes, doilies, flowers
P77 Icon b40: draw your own silly snowman face; stoplight; baby stacking toy
P77 Overlay b40: window scene add curtains, seasons, department store, bakery, pet store
P78 Shift b41: pets, friends, chocolate & vanilla, peanut butter & Jelly, coffee & cream...
P78 Shift + Title b41: “LOL” = Laugh out loud
P78 Overlay b41: raindrops, fish scales, sequin layers, roof shingles
P79 b42: “BFF” = best friends forever
P79 Photomat1 b41: SMTWTHFS:  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
P 79 Overlay b42: houndstooth pattern, arrows, Atari Space Invaders game background, pixilated raindrops
P80 Icon b43: tuck pictures or accents into the centre “3” cutouts.
P81 b44:  top ten lists of favorites, pet peeves, moments, events, recipes, projects
P81 Overlay b44: fireworks, sunshine, starring moment, idea, spotlight strobes
P82 Overlay b45: rain, funky curtains, direction of a running child, pet or athlete
P83 Overlay b46: cut away sections or ink different colours or back with different colours to highlight specific words
Pages 82, 83 buttons 45, 46:  don’t forget silly events or sports like watermelon seed spit, crazy hair days, doggie fashion shows, pets or kids teaming together to make big messes
Pages 84, 85 buttons 47, 48: babies!  Human, pet, wildlife...
P 86Border + shift b49: use to highlight a number of choices on Photomat 2.  At 11” it cuts out 1.25” wide x 2” tall
P 87 Border + shift b50: At 11” it cuts out 7.5” wide x 3.25” high
P 87 Overlays b50: either can be rotated and/or flipped to change the look

 I will strive to update this document as I am able.  If you find MORE ideas to add, or corrections, please do add them to the comments in this post so I can add them in with future updates. 

Do you enjoy Close to my Heart products, and their Cricut partnership like I do, but want more?  I would be honoured to be your CTMH consultant.   I thank you in advance for considering your CTMH purchases with me!  "CTMH direct link here"  Your purchases help me justify my Hobbiest business status so I can continue to share deals, ideas & creations with you.  

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