Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rechargeable batteries

It seems every time I need something, it needs batteries.  I have been transitioning big time into using rechargeable batteries, especially since almost all kids toys need batteries!  So, they get dumped somewhere, skittle to the floor, charged & uncharged get mixed together, good grief!  I thought about it & decided I need a system easily understood & simple to use.  I thought about it & had a MyCreations card box begging for prettying up.  So I used pieces of this Chantilly paper pack and Twilight ink pad to edge the papers. 
 I really dislike measuring simple stuff.  I snipped a template of cardboard that is sitting in the middle of the box there.  I folded a piece of cardstock lenghthwise, then folded the middle, then put in the template & folded back the paper.  The picture below shows it on the right.  I snipped away about .25" off the ends & it fits nicely. 
 I secured it in place with Liquid Glass adhesive which dries strong, clear, and quickly.
A word of foresight, I would've been simpler to stamp the X for charged, O for dead, before I glued it all down, LOL!  I wish Costco would bring back these "Eneloop" batteries by Sanyo, they're really good because they stay charged when they've been sitting around for awhile. I'm glad you stopped in to have a look.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Cards

 I never used to be a fan of "matchy-matchy" or coordinated sets.  They always seemed to be too perfect, prissy even on my first impression.  I guess I'm a bit damaged from the thought of sweater sets and the 80's pastels?  I have changed, in the name of simplicity & limited time on precious baby naps.  These cards were just playing around experimenting with scraps from the Chantilly paper packet, when I made the MyCreations recipe box in the previous post.  I also used washi tape, Happy Thoughts stamp set, Twilight ink, champagne ink, corner rounder (that does double duty to make scalloped edges too),  4mm gems and scissors.  I don't have any measurements for you other than these are standard A2 cards size - 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Some open left to right, others open bottom to top.
 I see everywhere on the internet pretty piecy, layered scraps of paper cards & scrapbook layouts & thought, I can do that too!  Since these are pastel cards I used a piece of black posterboard to pop-up my colours for the pictures.
 I never saw the point of all the inking fussy detail that I see done on scrapbooking & cards.  It always seemed to be done with black or brown & reminds me of dirty tobacco or grubby stains.  I thought about it & decided it could be done with colours, and I like it a lot better.  See that little brown & white polka-dot arrow on the upper left card below?  That's covering a little oopsie with ink.  The upper right card has a scrap of patterned paper fussy-cut as the centre accent.  The little sayings are the "zip strips" from the edge of the patterned papers, one side identifies the paper line & the other side has pretty details so I used it.  I enjoyed clipping in notches & snipping the washi tape to create visual interest.  I was surprised that I really like the look of inking the edges.  Not all of the scraps were inked on the edges for these cards, but that's okay with me.
A little tip I picked up along the way:  Use corrugated cardboard scraps on cards to give dimension, much more economical than foam sticky dots.  As always, click on any of the pictures for a closer look.  I enjoyed the girly spring like impression of these cards.  I used cardstock 8.5x11" weight paper from a box store instead of card/envelope sets because I was just playing around. Now I need to get a bulk pack of A2 envelopes to complete the set.  I hope you are happy where-ever you are & playing with your supplies too.  Thanks for stopping in to look.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Card box

A friend has been purchasing these MyCreations Recipe box to cover with pretty paper & fill with handmade cards for gifts.  She told me they fit more A2 size cards & envelopes than the MyCreations card box does.  I got to thinking about it & decided to try one too.  I used the Chantilly paper packet, and Champagne ink pad to shade the paper edges, and clear sparkles to trim the edge. 
 I'm not sure if I want to ink the edges of the box, I kinda like the clean look of the white showing.
Sorry this picture is sideways, I had trouble framing it on the black poster board to make it show up nicer in the pictures.  I am thinking of sealing the papers with modge podge or something like that so it doesn't get beat up too fast.  The white paper covering seems to be tender on the edges.  The next post will show you the cards inside.  Thanks for stopping by to look!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some sprucing up

HiYa!  Just a short note to say I hope the facelift to my blog is pleasing.  I know the last post wasn't overly original, well, kinda yawn really.  I kinda thought so too.  The thing is, playing with our supplies & making mistakes is the best way to push them to new levels of interesting & fun.  It amuses me to experiment.  This is how some of my best ideas wander into my head.  I have more ideas to share coming soon.  Thanks for taking a look. 

PS I'm trying to figure out how to add a pintrest button but can't seem to get it figured out right now...