Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doodle Robots

Ever played around with paper dolls?  These are simple & easy to do.  It seems robots are trendy again so lets see what we can do with this.  Whats that?  Robots are always trendy?  Allrighty then!
Start with an accordion folded scrap of paper, & draw something that has connecting arms.  You could try flowers, animals, furniture, do what you like, no one has to know!  Go ahead, play around, you know you want to...

Nice sharp scissors make easy work of this. Remember to always point the tips of the scissors away from you & move the paper not the scissors for accuracy.  The only red robots we wanna see is painted or drawn, not bloody.  eeeep!
Here they are, the right 4 then the left 4 all doodled up waiting for somewhere to go.
Don't they make you smile?

I don't know what I did here for the text to be all central.  Oh, I see I can play with the text alignment, ah, I'll leave it for visual differences at this end of the post.  I was having trouble pulling pictures from my computer.    It seems I can pull pictures from a photo card, but I cannot pick & pull pictures from Picassa3 directly from my computer files.  It would really help if I labeled pictures I suppose.  The silly thing is they are labeled in my Picassa files, but I can't seem to upload them, yet.  Sometimes "yet" is  avery big word, eh!  

Ok, so what to do with this cute little paper chain?  Wouldn't it be cute dancing around a flower pot gift?  or around a flower vase?  or along the edge of a card? or on a scrapbook layout?  or along the edge of the bathroom mirror to see every morning?  or just laying around making everyone else wonder, 
why is that sitting there?

Thanks for the comments of encouragement, I have no idea how to direct reply to comments so bear with me.  I do apologize for the delay time lapse.  I've had good advice to moderate comments so everything is on the up & up, know what I mean?  I am excited to have followers too, I wish I knew how to become a follower of others blogs.  More learning to achieve, yipee!

I'm hoping to do about an entry a week, & to learn how to use more of the blogger settings.  There should be some cool detail pictures later, for a birthday party.   Soon a certain kiddo turns 13, & everyone knows that means teenager!  What better way to ring that in than with a Zombie themed party!  Cheers!

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