Sunday, February 6, 2011

More doodling

I've been busy all over the internet, loooove You Tube, Google images, & of course blogs everywhere for inspiration. My first picture post was the last page of a doodle booklet i've got going on.  I made the booklet from a piece of poster board from some local dollar store.  I will try to remember how I made it & post directions in a few days.  I need to go back & find the artist blog where I learned to make it to give proper credit.  So if that was the last page of the book I really should show the rest of the pages.  I'm hoping they will inspire someone else to get doodling, its relaxing in a meditative way.  I like that no special tools or pens or anything are needed, just a few minutes to let my mind wander away constructively.  Go ahead & click on the pictures to magnify.  Another neat thing is "Ctrl" & "+"  magnify images & "Ctrl" & "-" reduce images, love using that to see details or to relieve my tired eyes.
This is the cover of the book opened out flat to show front & back.  Oooh, I just picked all my pictures out at once & then I can go through & add in the text.  More blog learning, yippeeee!!!!

 This is page 1, being a flap style book you can see a crease sort-of.  I don't mind it.  I think this is my favorite page of the book.

 Page 2.

 Page 3, I traced an old CD to get the nice uniform circles.

 Page 4, looks kinda like a shell or something swirling.  I'm not sure, but I will probably add to this one when it occurs to me.

 Page 5, its really 3 parts because of how the book folds out.  I like how the book changes appearance as it is unfolded.  That was a totally unexpected effect.

 Page 6, I may go back & drip some rubbing alcohol on this to spread the Sharpie ink around for visual interest, not sure yet.

 Page 7, this is one that looks different closed over page 6, lots of room for more details.

Page 8, this is the last pages.  I did this booklet entirely with a Sharpie pen, the dual point marker is my favorite as it is easy to switch fine or medium tip points all I like.  I worked on this book for about a month, in fits & spurts in 2010.  There is room for more to be added but I got stalled & put it away for awhile.  I wanted a reference point for all the cool techniques & styles I've seen & this was an easy way to dump it in one spot.  I've got a second book started somewhere using colour Sharpie markers & will post that some time in the future.


  1. Love the Doodles!! Say your post on the circle mb about starting a blog and thought I would check it out! You will really enjoy having a blog after you get going. BTW, on the mb Im doodledo so the doodles really work for me!! lol Hope to see more posts from you soon!

  2. I've never seen anything like this! My doodles consist of the same flower over and over - once in a while I'll add an extra petal LOL


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