Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finger Knitting

I did lots of pictures.  Boomer enjoyed helping with this part.  Here's what can be done with the oddball plied acrylic yarns.  Tie a slip knot & slip it on your non-dominant pinky finger.
This is an exaggeration of how the loop is before it is looped over each of the remaining fingers.
Four fingers looped:  check!

I went along for quite awhile as you can see by what boomer has grabbed.
Bring the yarn up over the index finger & down across your palm.
It doesn't matter what your preference is to start at the top or the bottom as long as you are consistent.  I start at the top.  One at a time loop the link closest to your palm over the draped strand to the back, without allowing the draped yarn to be dragged off too.  That makes a new loop on your hand.  Index, middle, ring then pinky...  I skipped posting pictures of index & ring progression.
There's pinky waiting to be looped... 
Save your spot, Boomer needs some scratchies.  If you need to stop at any time & slip in  a pen with a pocket clip, this is how you know where to pick up again.  Top of the pen is top of your hand, easy peasy.  I only had a pencil handy for this picture.
See where the tip of the pencil is in the picture below? It kinda looks like a hollow in the tube.  
See how Boomer is such a big help.  This goes along quick because it is such a chunky yarn.  Don't forget to tug the tail down periodically as you go along.  Not Boomer's tail!
Now you have a giant coil of finger-knitting, its very similar to spool knitting.   Tie it off by pulling the end through the loops & tugging tight.  If you leave an un-knit tail about twice as long as the coil you can use it to do the stitching.   
I used a pipe-cleaner twisted into a needle.   Grab 2 loops each pass to connect them...
A little trial & error to make it into a chair mat.  Boomer was done playing with the yarn & moved on to playing with the pipe-cleaner.  If you are too generous leaving more & more spaces to get it stitched up faster it makes the edge rippled & its not as cushy.   This isn't a new project, but its relaxing & easy to do during TV plane or car trips.

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