Sunday, June 19, 2011

Canadian Cricut Circle Calling Card

I've been torturing the participants of the CCC Swap about an surprise enclosure for everyone for participating.  I decided that I'll probably never be able to afford to go to a big Cricut Swarm gathering.  The only other way to get an official circle charm is to participate in a swarm or Circle membership.  
 I've already posted my experiments with shrink plastic.  Here is what I was really wanting to make.  I cut out the circle antennae thing on my expression with Gypsy assistance.  I punched holes using my "CropaDile" tool.  I used that liquid sharpie & traced a Maple Leaf that I printed from the internet somewhere.  It wasn't perfect sizing so I had to trace a bit smaller.  This is the before & after pictures.
I definitely made extra & played around with an older magnetic Making Memories stamp set.  The supporting tool wasn't quite long enough so I improvised with a 6" metal ruler which worked well.  I used pigment ink from my stash, its dollarstore unknown brand.  The red paper is leftover posterboard from the post about making a Valentine mailbox.  The maple leafs I punched with a manual Marvy brand paper punch.

 I had a post all done about making these additional calling cards to go with the Canadian charm, but it went bu-bye by mistake for me.  Maybe one day I will learn how to back up my posts in case Blogger bites the bullet & all my posts vanish.
Here is the charm compared to the original charm I received when I signed up to be a circle member.  The green string was a lucky find at a chinese store.  It took me awhile to figure out how to attach the charm to the CC when it occurred to me to just tie it on & call it done.


  1. Woo hoo I finally get to see what the surprise is!!!! I have been trying to be good honest. Thanks in advance for the gift.

  2. You're welcome, sorry you had to see it online first instead of in real life. We're all hoping the Canada Post strike is resolved soon.

  3. I HAVE been reading your blog and have gotten so much information on how and what to use in our crafting. Your solutions to the spray paint was top notch. Thanks for taking the time to put all this information down in your blog.


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