Sunday, July 10, 2011

Belated Cards

These are some belated birthday cards I made with my little cricut machine.  I used "Carousel Lite" cricut cartridge, Silver Contact paper, and sharpie markers to colour them.  The carousel on the left is cut at 4.5", oops, too big, I'll save it for something else.  The one on the right is cut at 4".  I used a piece of scrap paper to block the marker to make nice straight lines at the bottom.
 These are 3 bumper cars one is slightly bigger than 2", On my Gypsy I altered the other two.  The one on the right is slightly smaller and narrower width, and the one in the lower left corner is angled a little forward to slant it.  I also "hid" the extra details of each cut because I did not want the number 7 on each of them.  The "Happy Birthday" were extra cuts I did when I made cards with pretty holographic scrap paper.  I figure its easy enough to cut extra pieces of useful phrases & test cuts while I've got everything sitting out & in progress.  It saves rushing last minute style sometimes.
 I had to tip the cards to show the pretty shine the silver contact paper gives, the cards are normal 4x6 proportions, just pre-made Recollections brand blank cards & envelopes.
 The border trims are scrap Basic Grey brand paper.
I added the black seat detail, edged the bumper cars with black sharpie and  hand wrote the numbers, no particular meaning. I think they turned out pretty well.


  1. Oh! Love your carousel! The silver contact paper looks amazing-- I will have to look for that!

  2. OMG - that's amazing. Dumb question...what's silver contact paper and where can I get some?

  3. Cute cards! You did a great job! I'm a new follower.

  4. Thanks! Silver "Con-Tact Brand" paper is adhesive shelf liner. I find it at Home Depot and Canadian Tire. It cuts like butter and it is as easy as vinyl to use. Try it & let me know how you like it!


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