Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heat packs

These are an older project I made but they never let me down.  These are about 8 years old now & just as nice as when I made them.  I used scrap fabric & plain sewing.  There was some covers that have gone missing so that will age them faster using the heat packs au naturale.  They are filled with flax seed, about 1lb each I guess.  They also freeze really well to function as cold packs.  The long one is 5 compartments, finished size 22+3/4" long x 4+3/4" high.  It is perfect for neck or joints.  The rectangular 6 compartment one is 9" x 10+3/4" and is perfect for belly or back ache.  They also work really well to prewarm the bed at night, we all need our toasty comforts. 
I wasn't overly fussy about making them since they were from scrap fabric.  I compartment-ed the flax seeds so they wouldn't become one mishapen lump.  I don't think I even measured the fabric but folded it once the overall shape was sewn to figure out the compartments.  Once I figured out the divisions I did use a measuring cup to evenly distribute the flax seeds & sewed the compartments closed as I filled them.  They lie nice & comfortably where they are placed which I really like.  This is what works for me.  These are well worth an hour of sewing time to make.  Thanks for looking :)

I will be doing a bunch of preposting now so this blog won't be totally abandoned.  As of this writing Nov 19, 2012 there is about 2 weeks to go until my baby is due.   I hope you have great days every day!

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