Thursday, November 1, 2012

Utility sewing

Some of you know we are expecting a baby very soon.  This means preparations galore of course.  Here is some practical but boring sewing.  I couldn't resist a picture since it looked so pretty spooling from the back of my Janome machine.  Click on the picture to enlarge if you like.
Nursing shields, to prevent icky milk leakage embarrassment
I used 3 metres of prewashed diaper flannel folded into 3 layers.  The glass ramekin was my template and a regular pen to trace.  I started out by cutting around the ramekin with the rotary cutter but it was faster & easier to ditch the ramekin & just go for it.  Once I had them all cut out I had a tower of disks.  I put them to the sewing machine 3 layers each & zig-zagged around the edges for about an hour until they were all done.  I didn't count them because I just don't care that much, honestly, it doesn't matter.  I did this for my firstborn & they are far superior to the store bought paper shields.  They do eventually get everywhere and some go missing.  Once they were done I snipped them apart & trimmed away rough edges.

An interesting side note:  A family member fixed the filters on Mozilla Firefox for me so I no longer need to use Safari to blog.  I had no idea that was why Mozilla Firefox was so hard to blog with when I first started blogging.  I'm not a technological gal so I am really happy to have this simplified.  Apple Safari browser works well, but I have a PC not an Apple so no wonder it was a slower process for me. 

Baby is due Dec 4, we shall see if the "wheel of fortune" dates predictor is accurate or not.

Cheers & have a great day!


  1. You have been a very busy gal! I do not have the "Sewing Gene" in my DNA. :(

  2. Oh, you have definitely been busy. I could have used some of these when I had my children.

    Glad to hear you've gotten your Firefox tech issues sorted out.

  3. Great Gads Girl!! You think of everything!! Well prepared is good. I can't wait for your little man to come out and join us! A little Sagittarian just like me, hubby and GS#3!! He should be a happy-go-lucky baby...the best kind!!


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