Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quiet Book

I found this "Quiet Book," aka "Busy Book" at a rummage sale for 25CENTS!  What a score!  I made 2 of these types of books for my niece & nephew but picassa has sorted my pictures somewhere I can't find them to blog, of course.  These are such a labour of love to make, but so very worth it.

I cannot lay claim to making this book, I do not know who made it but I applaud their efforts.  It seems to be made from remnants & scrap fabric.  It looks to be well loved, some of the pieces are missing but it looks like it would still be appealing to any child. 

As always, click on any picture to enlarge.
Check out all the fun fabrics, all different qualities & types
Tie my shoe

Braid my hair...Put your hand in my mitten

Zip, now look inside...What time is it? (there is plastic hands on that clock to spin)

Make my face...Match the shapes

Fill my cars...Count the wheels

Hang the clothes...Tie my bow

Button my coat...Try my pockets

I can count...up to ten

Match the colours
It is on my list to restore the missing pieces of this book so my new little one will be able to enjoy it.  As with any activity a small child manipulates, they need to be adult supervised with common sense.  These home-made books do not come with safety certifications or recall notices.  If you choose to make a book for a child, please please please, advise the parents to be vigilant to choking hazard etc by supervising appropriate use of these fun manipulative little books.

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