Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monster toys!

These are soft felt toys I made & sent to a friend to celebrate her newest addition, any minute coming to her family!!!  I mined Pintrest & Google images for the ideas.  I freehand drew the shapes on notepaper.  The shapes I folded in half & held up to the window to adjust & make the curves more symmetricaly pleasing to the eye.  They are made from craft quality felt, embroidery floss, and poly-fil stuffing.  The idea was to hang them as a mobile, but Mommy-to-be could easily let baby play with them as they are.  I did not measure them, but all are about 6" tall I think.
 Upper picture shows one side, lower picture shows other side.

Again, upper picture shows one side, lower picture shows other side.  Sorry these are sideways.  I still don't know how to rotate pictures, grrr.

And again, the upper picture shows one side, lower picture shows other side.  These ones I traced a small kitchen plate & a vitamin bottle lid to get nice circles.  The stitching was complete on the foot when I sent them in the mail ;-)
 The stars & moon are the same both sides. 
I had fun making these.  All the embroidery was freestyle, of my own wandering thoughts.  They were simple and didn't take very long to complete, about 3 days.  I think inspiration is the best mojo any creative person can enjoy while in the midst of a project.  I have other stuff I've been playing with, just need to get busy blogging again.  Happy summer everyone!

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