Thursday, August 7, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 6 of 14

Rock and Roll
Base & Shade aka Two Step
CTMH video links for you.

This shows combination techniques.  WHAT? Stop the DJ!  Combining techniques?!?  YES, we can, its not "just plain stamping" any more.  This is how we get the most versatility from our supplies.  No boring one-hit-wonder stamps anymore are they?

Rock and Roll technique has some fun YouTube videos out there.
This is how its done:
1.  Ink and stamp the image as usual.
2.  Pick up the same colour or another colour of ink and rock the edges of the stamp along the ink pad.
3. WINK, and Stamp it again.

The Two Step technique goes by a few names, and some stamp sets are designed in layers for this purpose.  CTMH made some roses stamps, and some others over the years, but I don't have any to show you today.  This technique works best with symmetrical stamps.  I think a non-symmetrical stamp you could cheat and make a rough background with your blender pen like I showed on page 6.
1.  Flip your stamp, (using the reverse side) ink it, then stamp it twice, side by side (first and second generation stamping).  Clean it off.
2.  Using the front of the stamp, ink it, WINK and stamp it on the second generation  from step 1.

The tip is to "WINK," or to close one eye to line up the images, then stamp it.  Using one eye makes  lining up images more accurate if you like that look ;-)

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