Saturday, August 9, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 8 Back Cover

Cluster stamping 
More quality video links produced by CTMH for you, showcasing the technique.
Background &Texture stamping

This is an easy technique.
1.  Pick 3 small stamps, arrange them on your block in a rough triangle.  A triangle is visually interesting and adds to the random look to keep your eye moving around.  Feel free to play with any combination you like of clustering, its fun to play. 
2.  Stamp in one colour, then move to another area of the paper and stamp a second time (second generation).  This is how you get colour variations.  One ink = 2 colours, SWEET!
3.  Repeat step 2 in another colour until you are satisfied with your custom patterned paper.

Of course, my example is upside down, I laughed too, it is only a techniques sample booklet.

That's it, the end of this project.  I hope you enjoyed it and had fun trying some or all of the techniques for yourself.  If you have any suggestions for more techniques, please leave a comment.  I found 2 other techniques I want to try. Eventually I will have to make another booklet I'm sure.

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