Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cards & things

Good day!  I can't wait for spring.  

All todays post pictures were taken with my cell phone camera, not too shabby for 2 megapixels eh.
Over the last few months I made some cards & remembered to snap a quick picture before sending.  I don't recall the paper brands used.  Does branding them as "from my stash" count?  They've all been happily mailed away.

This is a card I made with my gypsy "Smiley cards" free download cartridge.  The hat, glasses & buttons were an odd colour & I used glimmer mist to make it more interesting.  I learned how to make "shape cards" from Sheila at "She's a Sassy Lady" blog.  She has great free video tutorials to learn how to get more use out of the Gypsy.

Sorry this is sideways, I have no idea how to flip it.  It is a belated birthday card for a family member.  Pretty suspicious looking characters huh.  I used Gypsy & "3-Birds on Parade" cartridge.  

Gypsy & "Lite Handy Man" cartridge.  The silver paper was furnace tape.  I like how shiny it comes through.

These are flower cards made using the inside cut away portion of flowers from the "George & Basic Shapes" cartridge.  I made a pile of flowers from different papers to stick to the wall with poster putty.  I forgot to take a picture of those, they were so pretty.  I saved all the centre oval shapes & with a simple glue stick they made a sweet parcel of gift cards.  Never mind Boomer's tail there, he just had to assert himself.  The shiny centre is leftover tear drop shapes from a dollar store package.

I like that these are plain but pretty.  I hope they make you smile.

I saw a sweet checklist at Michaels craft stores I really  liked.  I have no idea who authored this list but it makes me happy.  It reminds me of the fun emails that float around.

To Do Today:
Spy Something Silly
Laugh till it hurts
Take a Risk
Tell a Secret
Sing out loud
Rock the boat
Shake things up
Flirt with disaster
Buy something frivolous
Colour outside the lines
Cause a scene
Order dessert
Get carried away
Have a great day

April 7 is National No Housework Day, I'm so excited!!!  It should be a national holiday, hee hee!

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