Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Orchids

 My Mumzie picked this sunny yellow orchid for me.  It reminds us of the freshness of daffodils, except the blooms last a lot longer.  The faint purple freckles barely show up but it is a new & different addition.  By comparison the older one has tan looking whiskers.  
This is also new, a sweet 2.5" dwarf orchid.  I really should name all these pretty orchids.  They've been nameless so long. Now that they're published on the internet, maybe they should have identities?  Anyone have creative name suggestions?   My new 6" cricut plushie doll had to hop in there for a picture too.  These things are the newest Cricut collectable.  I don't plan on getting all the available merchandise, but I did want one.  People are having fun dressing them up with lace & pretty things, Lil'C is a bug afterall & doesn't care about nakedness right now.  Such a rebel!

Do you have any good ideas for April Fools Day?  I'm stumped...

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