Sunday, March 20, 2011

C'mon spring!

My Orchids are doing their best to herald in spring.  They don't mind hamming for the camera.  They're happy to show their pretty faces to the world wide web.  I had to turn them all around for this debut.  There's two pots that haven't bloomed yet, & one that I will showcase in a later post, she's never shown me her flower before. 

Do not be afraid of orchids, they are so easy to look after.  They want a bright morning window & don't mind cool evenings.  They don't like super hot summer heat so partially closing the blinds helps them.  I water them every 7-10 days, every other week they get well diluted orchid fertilizer.  Sometimes they get fertilized every week, they don't complain.  They're so slow growing that it takes forever before they want re-potting, messy but easy to do.  I like using kids hair clips to hold their stems.  When there is no flowers they remind me to be patient, they're resting.  When one dies off for unknown reasons, I eventually replace her with one that has a few flowers & they all seem to wake up again with blooms.  I'm no expert, I just appreciate their glorious long lasting celebration.  I hope these pictures brighten your week.

Remember: April 7 is National No Housework Day

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  1. What a feast of colour - I am so happy the sun has been shining and the snow is melting! :D


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