Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zombie Things

Fun Zombie party contest details?  These were some mighty fine events I tell ya!  Everyone knows Zombies aren't the smartest things, but they can be very funny!  Instead of announcing best bowling score, there was a prize for worst bowling score.  The bowling teams didn't know about that until after the bowling was all done of course.  There was also categories for Best Costume, Foozeball Winner, & Best Burp, which a Mom won, hee hee hee!  The funniest competitions were the Best Zombie Face, Best "BRAINZZZZ" Statement, and Best Zombie walk.  The Best Zombie dance was hysterical!  Overall everyone won something, had a blast running around & laughed their guts out.  Competitions were the best way to goof around & keep the Zombies occupied while waiting for pizza.  No one wants to deal with hungry Zombies for too long, it wouldn't be pretty to have them turn on the few brave adults supervising.

What zombie party is complete without Zombie survival kits, aka loot bags!  I used my gypsy to design & cricut to cut out letters from clear contact paper.  "Happy Hauntings" cartridge for the Zombie-like font, & "Street Signs" cartridge font for the survival kit wording.  I don't recall the settings but "kiss cut" was what I did, enough pressure to cut through the vinyl but not cut the backing.  Kiddo helped me apply the lettering & he had this great idea to use his blow pens for the detail.  Smart kiddo this one...

This is a "Sprayza" red marker attached to the blow pen.  Some of the clear letters had black sharpie run over them for contrast before applying to the survival kits.   
A close-up picture.
Some of the completed survival kits, waiting for pinyata candy.
This could be our last birthday party, but it was definitely the best!  I can't believe I missed having a competition for messiest pizza eater, that would've been great too!  Cheers & I hope you have a great week.

Don't forget to mark your calendar, April 7 is National No Housework Day!


  1. Looks like you had a fun time overall and the bags are great!!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad to be able to share my ideas :)


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