Friday, June 24, 2011

Canadian Eh!

To continue yesterday's post, here are the pictures!  I have had this rattling around in my head for a few days now. I got this done over two days.  I've been surfing the internet for Canadian inspiration and was only sort-of inspired.  I've been reading the Circle message-board chat & all these great challenges have been coming through.  There's always a challenge to use what you've got; to use a cricut cartridge you haven't used; to use a new product.  The ones that caught my attention were to make something Canadian (I started that challenge), and to make a layout ready for pictures.  This is some handmade paper that I got from a bulk pack at Costco a few years ago.  Its nice, but a bit bland.
 I bought 3 colour sprays to try.  Basic colour theory allows most colour combinations to be made from yellow, red, and blue.  I also have white and black so then whatever colour I make would be bright or dark enough.

These sprays all have a fine pearlized shine to them.  I used lemon meringue (yellow) Tattered angels brand glimmer mist; "perfect copper" and "forever blue" perfect pearls brand mists. I sprayed the blue across the top half to deepen the colour to more night sky looking.  Then I spritzed the copper close to the page & let the colour pool so I could tip the page to let it run across in streaks.  The yellow was added more to the right & middle of the page to bring out a green colour.
 The below picture shows more mists used.  I will keep secret until tomorrow how I made the bottom half of the page pearlized creamy looking.  These spray mists use up fast, kinda disappointing to me.
I used the gypsy digital font cartridge and welded the letters together.  I manually snipped off the inside lower curl of the C afterward because I didn't want to cut it out again, I just didn't like the look of a tail curling in like that.  I don't know the brand of papers used, they were all scraps, yippee!  It's way easier to assemble these layer things on the mat with a glue pen than to chase them all over a layout.
This is my first guess at placement of pieces.  I manually cut out the Inukshuk from scraps.  An Inukshuk is the singular Inuit word meaning "in the likeness of a human" or "someone was here" or "you're on the right path."  I just really liked the idea of early graffiti, hee hee!  The circle was a scrap of aluminum foil that I used to sharpen a punch.  I saved the circle in my scrap bin, but it didn't make the cut to be cast as the moon.
Here is the words layered.  I really like the look of the plaid peeking out.  I haven't glued anything down yet, still playing around.  The leafs are layered the same way the words are, cut from the gypsy wandering digital cartridge.  I edged the page with tattered angels glimmer glaze "midnight rendezvous" (deep denim blue) which is a fine glimmer paint to visually ground the edges.  The head has 2 layered leafs for visual interest.
This is it, this is the final look of the page layout.  The northern lights appearance don't seem to show up so well in the picture but for real they shimmer.  I also like the celebration effect, not quite hockey arms up, "we scored!" look either.  Oops, looks like I didn't snip the curl off the C on the plaid shadow layer in time for the pictures.  I just amputated it off now, no-one will know, eh.  Canada day coming up soon, I hope you have a nice one!


  1. Cute!

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  2. Thanks! I still have no idea how to "pick up" an award or what to do with it. where's the embarrassed smilie face? oh, right, its on me!


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