Saturday, June 25, 2011

My secret

Okay, as promised, here's what I figured out recently.
  The shimmer spritz sprays are beautiful, but expensive.  Some people on the internet have figured out how to make their own, and thats the best kinda sharing the internet does.  Tim Holtz makes these Ranger brand micro misters, they're small, maybe they hold 10cc (2 teaspoons)?   The problem with most sprayers is they eventually get clogged & need to be rinsed under hot running water.  I've played with the airbrush kids marker Sprayza set, thats a lot of blowing work!  I was snooping around a local craft store & had a look at the airbrush supplies.  It dawned on me that airbrush paint is super fine, so I bought a bottle, blopped a few drops into the mini spritzer, added water to fill & WHOOOO HOOOO!!!  It works beautifully!  It doesn't glob up into cement in the spray bottle because its already a water based product.  The bottle says to wear a mask if using, but thats airbrushing, for a pressurized superfine spray mist purpose.  I'm using water in a spray bottle in small amounts.  As you can see it gives great coverage across the bottom quarter of the page.  Any spray bottle would work well with this.  

If you try it & use it a lot, you should wear a mask,
 protect your lungs, they're important too.
Never spray alcohol mixed with paint or dye.  Alcohol was never meant to be inhaled and that could do some serious lung damage.
Post back & tell me what you made with it, I'd love to know!  If you share my secret, go ahead but please reference credit back here to  Thanks!
Viva la internet sharing, hee hee!

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