Sunday, August 21, 2011

Creative patching

I know a busy fellow that loves to rip his jeans.  Are you kidding, he picks them deliberately & encourages the rip.  I've threatened to patch them with Hello Kitty or Barbie patches, knowing the wrath of "uncool" looming.  I also know they would never be worn again so it would be a wasted effort.  I've seen some really cool patching done online, monster faces, aliens, and some pretty gorgeous freestyle embroidery.  I then though that if I patched it with "cool" then threatened to not do any more if the ripping continued, maybe I would be onto something.
I used simple "baseball" stitching, hide the knot somehow, start from the top, go to the other side & come up from underneath.  Picture figure 8 path and that might make more sense?  I'm no stitching expert.  I started with matching grey embroidery floss to close the gap.  Then I went in with irregular layers of red. These pictures show progression of one pass of red per picture.
One or two of these layers were done with different reds to add to the visual effect.
I could've added more dripping down effect, but my fingers were getting numb.
Here's the model, looks a little bit Pee Wee Herman with the white socks.  Darned it!  I was going for a bloody slash effect.

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