Monday, August 22, 2011

Good mail day!

Remember when I posted my entries for the online Christmas in July swarm?  I just received in the mail the prize I won & had to post it!  Allison, a fellow blogger posted her "Trendy Twine" storage solution over on her blog Goodybagdiva, my-twine-storage-solution and offered it as a prize.  I hope I've linked that right, I've never done a link before so it's new blog learning for me!

As always, click on the picture to big-ify.  The black & orange (orange licorice) reminds me of tigers.   The brown & white (chocolate truffle) make me think of s'mores.  The red & white (peppermint stick) could be for Christmas or Valentines.  The pastels evoke thoughts of ice cream, babies, and spring (strawberry cupcake, grape fizz, Blue Berry).  The green (twisted lime) remind me of spring lawns.  I just had to post right away about how pretty they are and the ideas they generate before they vanish.  Its fun how colours & products have inventive names to make themselves distinctive.

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