Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project fail

As we all know, not all projects are a success.  I thought it best to 'fess up & show the world a fail.  Its okay to laugh, I do now too!  
I measured out tab top curtains, I found the grain, ironed it out, got it all sewn from denim that I got on a-steal-of-a-sale.  I made cream coloured backing from a clean painting drop-cloth to reflect summer heat.  It hung great, until I washed it!  The inherent nature of denim is in the twill weave structure.  It is tough because there is more threads packed into each inch of fabric than plain weave.  Twill is a bias weave structure, that means it will TWIST!  Now I have a piece of fabric hanging au naturale from that bar.  The tab-top curtains, well, they've gone to the rag bag to wait to be turned into heavy tote bags or something when I can look at them again.

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