Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New toy!

 Here's a picture of the box.  I won't bore you with the operation details of how to run this thing.  Youtube is a much better resource for researching these binding tools.  It came down to the Zutter Bind-it-all or the "Cinch."   I went with the BIA because it is smaller, weighs less, has rectangular holes, and seems to make the round rings stay round better than the Cinch.  And the BIA was available locally so no waiting for mail, no shipping, taxes, or duty to ramp up the cost.  I have no experience using any of these machines.  I figured if I ever wanted/needed round holes, I could just measure it out and use my "crop-a-dile" tool to do the holes and use the BIA to close the rings up.
 These are my first attempts using the machine.  I had a pile scrap 8.5x11" paper kicking around, mostly white space, wasted printouts and junk notices.  I cut them in half, and folded each half.  Depending how much white space/print, I sorted them to leave the folds inwards or outwards before punching.  As you can see below I goofed one and made the scrap cardboard the wrong way out.  Now they're handy little scratch note books.

I've been hunting for youtube of how someone easily pops the rings off to reuse them without bending them all up.  I'm sure some smartie out there has done it and hasn't posted their secret, yet!  I learned these are not quite practical size because the O-rings (binding) are 1", they are a bit too big and clunky for a purse.  Overall they are a satisfying first attempt.
I really want to make some scrap-book paper junque journals next.  There's many pretty journals on youtube for junk-journals, smash-journals, art-journals, mash-journals...  They're all about the same concept, yet very visually interesting tools.

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