Sunday, October 23, 2011

Online Canadian Swarm ~ exchange

The deadline for this has already passed, but I was so pleased with how these turned out I wanted to share.  I can't seem to get rid of the underline to start this post, you'll just have to believe me, I tried.

Halloween cricut Cut exchange ~ read on: 
Participants need to commit by Oct 13, ready to mail by Oct 24, 2011.
Choose a layered or plain Halloween theme image, cut it out about 3-4”.
Use a minimum of 3 embellishment types of your choice: bling, glitter, glitter glue, ink, stamp, pen/gelpen/marker, paint, emboss/deboss, stitch, distress…

BUT, you must show & tell.   Baggie and include with each cut a short print out your contact info (real name, MB name, anything more you want to include is your choice) info of the cut (from what cart, what you did to it) to enclose with your swap.  At 3-4” these will make a nice card accent or scrapbook layout accent, while not being too small to have some fun decorating.  Bonus "feel good points" if you try a new-to-you technique you have always wanted to try.

What is this sparkle stuff?  
Hard craft foam shapes, rubbed together, yields textured sparkles.  I learned of this from the circle messageboard and been wanting to try it on something.
Using my gypsy, I cut out some  monsters from the "Paper-doll Dress up" cartridge.   I used the cricut pens to "draw," and hid the faces on another screen to cut out the shape.  I randomly glued the outline & stringy lines to simulate draped fabric, then sprinkled the foam sparkles across the wet glue.  Dipping the wet glued paper into the sprinkles makes gobs of smeary mess.  The blue & white paper is scrap paper for easy clean up.
Here's a before & after picture of the foam sprinkles detail.  I used recollections brand shimmer paper, I think its quite ghostie looking.
   Here's the completed trick or treaters.  I used green sparkle jems for the eyes.  I altered the bag to make it a little more "squat" looking with the gypsy, so it would hold more loot!  I used the same marker technique I used on the costume.  The bag is not permanently attached so people can put it in left or right hand as they please.  The little body underneath was too naked looking so I used green marker to make little shoes, and brown marker for soles.  They're almost 4" tall, cute lil spooks!
 The beauty of this challenge is, when using at least 3 different details, it becomes more visually interesting.  That is what makes cricut cutouts so versatile, jazzing them up with embellishments.

Participants sent their swap SASE to a circle member.  Ooops, I just realized I didn't send the cut information with mine, 
too late now, its in the mail.  
One more post coming, to show what I receive from the swap :)

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