Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas crafts

I offered to help out at my son's school and was suggested Christmas ornaments or little containers so kids have something they can give away to their friends & families.  5 sheets of white poster-board later, have  a look.  They are white so there is more choices of how to decorate them.   I started with 10 minutes planning them out on the gypsy and then 2 separate hours of steady cutting yielded:

40 pillow boxes (4 per 12" x 12" page) image cut from "Easter 1010" cartridge but I hid the bunny cut out.  Each is 5.57" x 5.75" after cutting.  I prescored one and left notes on the benefits of scoring to reduce frustration.

 About 10 door hangers from the "Christmas"  cartridge about 4" wide x 7" high.  I welded 2 together to use the narrow scraps of poster-board and just snipped off the extra partial loop from the bottom edge. This way the bottom edge can be folded up to make a pocket for a little treasure after decoration.

3 of these are cut from the "Christmas" cartridge, the lower left corner ornament and the 3 in the last picture are all from "Christmas Village" cartridge.  All are about 5" high.

 I didn't even count how many ornaments were cut, but there's LOTS!  I had to put them on Christmasy paper to make them all show up for photos.  I won't be able to help out in class because of work but I did enclose some notes.  I suggested the ornaments could be decorated as is, glued to coloured tissue, cellophane, or aluminum foil and the excess cut away.  I also noted aluminum foil can be coloured with permanent markers.  I'm hoping that the kids have fun decorating them so they can look forward to having something lovely too.  I'm also gifting them a pile of Christmasy paper leftover from the recipe swap.  It was a huge package of paper and too lovely to not share.

Season's greetings!

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