Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendars

December first brings a whole new flurry of winter activities for most families.  Never mind I missed my one year "blogiversary."  A whole year of blogging and I'm happy to have met my goal to learn something new (blogging) and I'm grateful to all my kind followers & great comments.

I'm hosting a Christmas tag swap, but they're not quite all in to share so I will post a few at a time starting with my own over the month of December. I had this great idea to string them along a garland with each one showing family fun ideas for the month of December.  An advent calendar of beauty and function.

Here is the list I've drafted of "things to do" in no particular order.  Feel free to pick & choose what suits your family if you wish to make your own advent calendar.  Yes, there is more than 25 things listed, more fun to do, and who says we have to do just "one" thing a day.  A lot of these ideas were collected form a discussion on the Cricut circle messageboard.  They're too great to not share.

  • Make a list for Santa's Helpers (its hard to give things to people who have everything, give them clues so you get what you need instead of more guesses & clutter)
  • Children can make their letters to Santa
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Make Christmas tags from last year's Christmas cards
  • Prep and send out Xmas cards
  • Go window shopping to see all the gorgeous store displays
  • Go sledding
  • Bake Xmas cookies 
  • Organize or join a recipe swap among your friends & family
  • Wrap Xmas gifts for friends and family
  • Watch TV Xmas specials
  • Clean & donate gently used toys to charity
  • Prep for Santa (Xmas Eve)
  • Make some Christmas or winter crafts, go ahead, make a mess too!
  • Read a Christmas story together
  • Go for a drive to look at holiday lights while dressed in pjamas
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Make a snowman
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Put up the Christmas tree and decorate it
  • Go Christmas caroling or sing Christmas songs
  • Read a Christmas book or a story
  • Make & have some egg-nogg, peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallows, or hot apple cider
  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Telephone Santa, there are some Santa Hotlines where children can leave a message
  • Look at past Christmas pictures
  • Take pictures with Santa
  • Hang stockings
  • Pick your favorite ornament and tell why you like it so much
  • Make an ornament or wreath
  • Choose a new dish to make for Christmas dinner or lunch
  • Eat a candy cane
  • Make reindeer snack mix for Santa's reindeer, recipe ideas via internet
  • Go have annual family photos taken, don't forget the out-takes are good too
  • Make some silly family photos
  • Play board-games, cards
  • Learn a new game
  • Take a walk at night in the snow with your dogs, chased by a hot drink fresh from the crock pot
  • Have a pyjama day
  • Plan a Christmas scavenger hunt
  • Make a donation to charity or food banks
  • Attend Christmas parties
  • Throw a Christmas party
  • Go to community events IE: lighting of the tree; visit nativity displays; candle-light vigils

In case you are wanting to make an advent calendar, this site has a nice collection of great ideas.  Homemade-advent-calendar-roundup  I will update this post if I find any more great collections.  We all know it is important to simply celebrate the season in your own cultural & family way.  We need to spread kindness, this is a tough time of year for many families, winter is hard on everyone.  I have some ideas for January since that is always a tough month of winter.  I invite you to think of & share your ways to make the winter season easier.  There's 45 ideas to get you started, they don't all have to be exclusively for December.

Happy Holidays!

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