Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Organization

January, oh January, you are the armpit of winter.  It is a time of forced busyness to keep the grey doldrums away.  Resolutions, goals, fitness and organization.  None of those things really inspire me.  I am inspired when I am fed up with something that isn't working anymore.  I am also inspired by beauty, spring, summer, sunshine and life.

There's a topic on the circle message-board being bantered around about organizing our craft-rooms.  Channeling Flylady they have broken down the organization into topics of products:
1 ribbon/fiber
2 cardstocks/patternpaper/scraps
3 glues/stickles
4 stamps
7 markers/pens
8 brads/buttons
10 glitter 
Etcetera etcetera.  

As I get organized I will try to remember to update the topics with links to my blog posts of what I've done, that might be handy.  I do have some organization in place, but not enough and certainly not in this sequence.  I've fondly nicknamed my craft room, "the pit of despair."  It became a dumping ground over December and I'm not happy.  It became particularly worse in October and November when 1/3 of the room was boxed up and put out of commission waiting for new cupboards.  So, like many others I will venture forth chipping it out in between work and everyday life jobs.

I don't want any comments about a hoarding TV show needing to come in.

Although the basement is comparable.  No, I won't show that.

The rest of the house is better, honest.

Seriously.  I'm trusting you.  No intervention needed.

Here goes, public viewing of, "The Craft Lab."  These pictures were taken in October 2011, so they are a full blown "before" vantage of this mess.  Before you ask how I can make anything in there, be aware that I have been known to clear part of the table to work.  The first picture is when you walk in.  on the left hand wall there is an armoire storage unit.  in the corner behind that is my Baby Wolf floor loom, safely tucked in where it can be whipped out because there is a sewage access point there.  During December the pile-o-crap camped out on the floor somehow multiplied, I blame the stupid-crap-gremlins for that!

 I really like all the natural light from the patio windows.  I have a decent florescent ceiling light to use when it's dark or I don't feel like rolling up the blind.  As you can see, plastic storage containers are functional, but they look awful.
 This is the wall on the right hand side of the room.  Cabinets went here and the plastic containers are almost all unloaded, 3 drawers to go & they're GONE!  Whoo hoo!!!
 This is the wall opposite to the big patio windows.  Yes there is a closet in the left hand corner, it's getting better.  Surprise surprise, there's a plug-in in the very left lower wall of that closet, and one behind the metal grid cube organizer.  I learned awhile back that those cube organizers can be used as mini shelves, all you need are zap straps or zip ties I think they're called.  They're tough little plastic cinch straps that stay where they're put.  More on those in another post.  Remember, these are "before" pictures to give an impression of what's going on.
 I mentioned 2 plug in's being hidden & useless?  I wasn't going to allow my one & only accessible plug in to be burried behind the new cabinets so it had to be moved.  Much youtube research & conversations with people in the know, it was moved, YIIPPEEE YIPPEEE YIPEEEE!!!!
Since these pictures have been taken, that hole has been filled in, and the cabinets have been installed.


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  1. Nothing like a honey-do that actually does - even if it might take a while to get there. :)


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