Saturday, February 18, 2012

Organizing ink

I like things simple and obvious in organizing.  If its complicated or fussy, its not gonna happen.  I have some of the TimHoltz brand inks.  I scored from a community sale and found the exact brand case for $2.  It looks more sturdy than it is, but it's functional.  Each ink pad is labeled, and stored upside down to keep the ink juicy.  The ring of tags clipped to the handle is a doggie footprint stamp of each ink colour, on the back of each tag I swiped the same ink to show the colour range and noted the colour.  This kit fits perfectly in my new cabinets, bonus!
 Here is one of the shoeboxes from Canadian Tire I am using to sort & store assorted flotsam & jetsam from the nasty plastic drawers that were replaced by lovely cabinets.  These boxes are labeled with their contents and easy to grab.  Click to enlarge if you need to.  This container has various inks, embossing powders and some chalk palettes too.
 They fit 6 sideways neatly in the new cabinets.  As you can see, its coming along but not really ready for reveal pictures yet.  As any organizing, once its all done, I'll probably change my mind when I get sick of it & change some things again.  One step at a time...
Happy organizing!  Sigh, who am I kidding, its work and not really fun at all, no excited exclamation point will change that.  It is satisfying to make my crap accessible and culling as I go.  Onward, I chip away at the mountain of everyday chores with my lil plastic spoon, hee hee!

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  1. Good on you! (exclamations points are definitely in order) :^)



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