Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Smash Swap Book

I learned from a youtube video that the best way to bind irregular books is to start with a template.  How to bind a junque journal of different size papers.  I'm so glad to find the link to give proper credit.
The key is to make a template first.  Mine is 16 holes.
Here are some papers I used from my stash, and good ole simple Elmers glue-stick to make the covers pretty.
 After I covered the cardboard I used hockey tape to seal the edges to give a nice finished look.  Click on the picture to enlarge, it shows how I clipped the tape so I could lap it in layers at the corners.  Notice it is not matching up on both sides of the corner so that once it is beaten around it shouldn't come apart.
 I sealed the papers with ModgePodge glue, and while it was wet I used this glimmer spray, from Lindy's stamp gang.  A sweet friend sent me 2 bottles, very cool surprising contrast glimmer colour.  You add water to this product so it is very light to mail in its dry state.
 I won't show the swap pages yet.  I saw on another youtube vide "somewhere" that they used tabs and punched those to function in the binding.  I thought that was pretty neat since some pages are smaller and thicker.  I used the Bind-it-all on the ones on the left, and the Crop-a-dile on the yellow tabs.  They both work equally well in the binding.
 I added more pastel papers to pad out the book, the baggie shows the extras that are still waiting to get added in, and the band that will be needed to keep it closed.  It's my new favorite book for sure!
As soon as I have word all the participants have their swaps back I will show you the pages.


  1. I never said this before, but I really like the name of your blog - it makes me smile everytime I pop over:D I think you book looks great!!!! I have to put mine together once work settles down and I will post too.

  2. Your book looks great! I still haven't done mine yet - I must soon! The pages are awesome! The starburst spray looks great - don't you just love how shimmery it is? :-)

  3. Good job on the smash book. Looking forward to the big reveal.


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