Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V day!

These "racy" cards have been popping up all over the cricut messageboard, very appropriate for Valentines day.  I made these awhile back & almost forgot to post!  Here I was trying to make a gypsy file to make the cricut cut them.  Take 2 symmetrical hearts, flip one, line it up with the x/y axis, group, then weld them together.  The diamond in the middle goes grey and will not cut out.  These are from the "Baby steps" cartridge, 5.22" x 4" to keep it within the size of a normal card when closed.

 Open a second mat, take the same 2 hearts overlap them to make 2 ovals, and group them together.  These will be for the brazier.  Take a third heart, right side up, and manipulate it by unlinking the yellow link under the width~Height button.  Increase the width and decrease the height until the top  curves of the heart look like the way you want them for the panty band.  The rest of the cut bits will be wasted so don't worry about them.  Click to enlarge the picture and you can see the 2 ovals with the band just above them.  Sorta looks like goofy glasses on an alien just now.  This file isn't perfected yet.
 These are my hand cut practice shapes before attempting on the gypsy.  They are fairly simple to figure out manually.  I folded scrap paper to cut a symmetrical heart & finessed the curves until they looked worthy.  The bottom curve of the heart, flipped upside down, lapped, and traced to cut becomes the same curve to cut the bra "cup."  I hope that makes sense.  The remaining becomes the panty, fold it in half & clip until it makes the top of the band.  I used a pencil and overestimated my clipping, much faster than redoing things by oopsie.
 Here's the front of one and the back of 2 finished cards shown with the same panty template.  I used deckle scissors to make the straps for the right hand card.

I gave one to a good friend with a similar twisted sense of humor, inside it said, "The world is full of tits & asses, Glad to be laughing along with you, Happy Birthday!"

Think of how funny they would look with feathers, racy with animal print, skimpy with string, or beautiful with lace trim.
Happy Valentines day!  Now, go make something fun!

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  1. Those are awesome, I must have missed those floating around the boards. Love it!


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