Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sympathy card swap returns

These are my return mail from the sympathy card swap.  I did not create these cards, but you can see mine here my sympathy card swap entry..

There's only one blogger and I do not know who created which card to give credit to them so I will respect their privacy and just say, THANK YOU!

The inside is blank.  details Feb 7, 2012 post  I really like the punched edge detail.

The inside is blank.  The doily has been gently coloured robins egg blue.  The top layer looks to be an Imagine machine creation.  This would also be a lovely blank sentiment card, "thinking of you" or "missing you."

The inside says, "When the joys are still remembered But the sorrow has quietly gone, There will always be a special place In the hard - where love lives on."  Lovely divided embossing, very elegant looking.

The inside says, "Our caring thoughts are with you during this difficult time."  Its so simple and genuine looking.

The inside says, "Praying for friends to comfort you, faith to uphold you, and loving memories to heal your heart."  Each of those squares have been glued on individually.  If I had done this, I'm sure they would all be cattywonkers!

The inside says, "May you find comfort in God's love."  This is very sweet and genuine looking.
Again, big thank you to everyone for letting me join in.  This was a really nice challenge.

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