Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another card swap

I joined another card swap on the cricut circle message-board.  Everyone is creating 2 cards.  I chose thank you cards, since they're handy to have.  I dug out my old Fiscars "Scrapboss" manual embossing system, and the stencil template "Whimsical letters"  to hand emboss the word Thank you on the negative cuts of the butterfly. I did do a practice emboss to gauge the size, and found I could place 2 at a time between the stencil layers.  Once I set the centre letters, they were fairly quick to do.  A lucky find was I accidentally embossed the "y" not quite right, so I redid them right over the mistake & its not obvious at all.

 I used coordinations colour core paper, 3 are sanded, the one in the lower left corner is only half sanded to show before & after.  These are for the inside of the cards.  Can you see which one is goofy?  hint, look for the "h."
 I used gypsy wanderings cartridge, butterfly top layer cut out at 3.68"x3.53" and the corresponding base layer cut at 3.87"x 3.47".  The base layer is embossed using sizzix brand  "dotmatrix" embossing folder and sanded before the top was glued on.  The lil bows are "peapod" coloured twine, a gift from a sweet friend.  Its a lucky bonus that the same twine looks nice with both colour variations of this card.
I'm a bit blocked about the second card, I have the inside all planned out but the outside is not cooperating.  hmmmmm, I'll have to show those when they're done.


  1. Oh, I love the card. Can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to see the returns too!

  3. I love this card!! Have one just like it!! Thank for it and the great little stamp set too!


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