Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Second Canadian Online Circle Swarm

We did it again!  We've shied away from calling this an "annual" swarm because there's no way of knowing if Provocraft, parent company of Cricut products, will be keeping "the Circle" membership annual after the major changes done to it this year.  This is a longer post, sorry, no pictures today.

I will post the challenges today, & then post which challenges I completed in later posts.  I have learned so much from these online swarms, both participating & helping organize them.  I am thankful for the comraderie & friendship of online women (predominantly) who share their time & talents to help make these things fun and possible.

Welcome to the SECOND Canadian online Circle Swarm, Sept 2012 

Sept 6, 7, 8, 9, 2012.  Deadline for entering challenges Oct 8, 2012.
This is Canadian because it is being hosted in the "Canadian Chat" section of the Cricut Circle message board. 7 Prizes were generously donated by circle members.  Each prize donator was able to issue a fun challenge. Each challenge completed = an entry into the prizes draw, lottery style. Deadline to enter: Oct 8, 2012.   

Here are the Challenges: 
Sept 6, 2012 First challenge by SherriHend180  
Create a Halloween Decor Item. It can be a sign, banner, luminary, treat bag, etc. The sky is the limit.

Your project must include the following:
1) At least one Cricut Cut
2) The colour purple

Your project must include one of the following:
1) Glitter
2) Ribbon
3) Use of a cuttlebug folder.

Sept 7, 2012 Second challenge by: missmel9
•A card with a black cat
•Use 2 Cricut cuts
•Use the colors black, white and purple
•There must be stitching on the project (machine, hand or faux)

Sept 7, 2012 Third challenge by: JenniferHawkins2
Make a birthday card using the following sketch:  (aggghhh, won't copy & paste right now, I will have to try again later).

 Of course, be sure to use a Cricut cut on your project and a Cuttlebug embossing folder if you have one!

Sept 8, 2012 Fourth challenge from BoomerKnows for DugsPookie 
Create a layout of a real life event, not the usual celebrations of birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries...  It can be 12x12, 8.5x11, single page or 2 pages.  A "real life" event could be: a flubbed day on holidays, something every-day normal that is memorable to you. 
Also try to incorporate a “new-to-you” technique or product that you've always wanted to try.  IE: sprays & masks, embellished cricut cuts, rosettes, pop-dots, glitter, page maps, sewing...  Whatever you like but tell us about it & what you enjoyed/hated about trying it.

Sept 8, 2012 Fifth challenge by BoomerKnows
1.  Cut a “Gang Symbol” for the circle, or any club you belong to but have been meaning to show pride in membership.  It can temporary or permanent. It can be made from vinyl, a sticker, iron on fabric, a mask to spray-paint, fabric paint & freezer paper…
2.  You must go graffiti it proudly onto something you display & use regularly.  Some suggestions: cell phone, day planner, tablet, laptop, car, t-shirt, jacket, hoodie… 
3.  Have fun Circle member rebels & non-rebels!

Sept 9, 2012 Sixth challenge by SaraAndrews1  
Make any type of project and use Something Old and Something New!!    Easy Peasy!  Your project needs to have One Cricut Cut.

Sept 9, 2012 Seventh Challenge by Lilygirl: 
1. Steal an object from a family member, friend or neighbour ( for the faint of heart an object found in a thrift store will do in a pinch)
2. Alter object using at least 2 Cricut cuts.
3. Quietly and unnoticed return altered object to original owner/spot (if this is a thrift store find, gift it unnoticed to someone ie. hang on neighbours fence porch, door etc..)

Be aware, (beware?) A surprise bonus challenge could (did) crop up!!! 

Bonus Challenge for fun, Sept 10, 2012:  Scrapbook your flubbed project, using all 3 criteria.  What’s a “flub” you ask?  Oh, y’know: the cake that turned out like a brick; the sewing project that’s not-quite-right (wonky even); the painting that annoys the cr*p out of you but no-one can really see why but you.  You get the idea.  It can even be a successful flub, one that you salvaged at the last minute! 
1.    Use at least one paper you don’t entirely prefer
2.    Minimum one cricut cut
3.    Create only from your stash.  (exception would be glue or  something you ran out of essential to completing the challenge). 

The criteria to participate in this swarm are NOT strict, just guidelines to challenge everyone to have some fun. This is a Cricut Circle membership swarm, just something we drummed up to have some fun with our membership.  To enter, members create their entries, take a picture and post what was made along with a few details of interest. As bonus incentive these projects can contribute to existing challenges:  “use-what-you-have” challenge, a “spending ban” challenge, a new project for your blog, or “try a new technique” challenges floating around.

We also had a modest participation in a "Treat bag Swap."  Each participant will mail ONE bag of scrapbooking treats & loot, with some Halloween theme treasures & some candy to make it more festive with Halloween right around the corner.  Of course, autumn theme products and any other pretty treasures to round it out are welcome too!  The bags should be about $25 value.  The “bag” can be decorated as simply or festively as desired.
This swap is “Round Robin style.”  From the list of participants each person will PM the person below them on the list for their mailing address & mail them a treat bag.  The person at the bottom of the list will mail a treat bag to the person at the top of the list.  In this way each person will score a fun treat bag delivered by (happy) mail!  
These are questions another circle member utilized for a different swap but they really help personalize the swap.
1. Are you a huge Halloween fan or do you just prefer fall in general over Halloween specifically?
2. Favourite candy or treat (& any dietary restrictions or allergies)?
3. What are your favourite crafting companies (besides PC)?
4. Name 3 items on your crafting wish list.
5. Favourite colour.
6. Share little about yourself and/or your crafting.

I choose to blog this swarm as a way for non-members to copy outright or just borrow inspiration from.  We all learn from each other & these challenges are really nice fun examples of messing around with our hobbies. Sometimes we just have to make our own fun, but its nice to have friends join together to show what they're creating too.

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