Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fifth Challenge, Canadian Swarm 2012

I am so pleased with myself to have finally made something.  This swarm is a good motivator.  I chose to start with how my own challenge inspired me.  That, & what's a challenge without an example?

Here is the challenge:  
1.     Cut a “Gang Symbol” for the circle, or any club you belong to but have been meaning to show pride in membership.  It can temporary or permanent. It can be made from vinyl, a sticker, iron on fabric, a mask to spray-paint, fabric paint & freezer paper…
2.    You must go graffiti it proudly onto something you display & use regularly.  Some suggestions: cell phone, day planner, tablet, laptop, car, t-shirt, jacket, hoodie… 
3.    Have fun Circle member rebels & non-rebels!

For both projects I used Cricut brand pink vinyl, "kiss cut" blade pressure 3, pressure 3 on the Expression machine.  My gypsy made quick & easy work of sizing the images from the "cricut everyday" cartridge.  I didn't even bother using transfer tape since these cuts weren't very big.  I understand this vinyl to be quite durable, yet entirely removeable when required.  Before applying, I wiped both surfaces with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue oils & grime.
Sized 4.5cm on the gypsy (45mm).  Much nicer than the "Hello Kitty" bandaid that was getting pretty tattered looking.

Sized 10cm on the Gypsy (100mm).  See it there on the drivers side hatchback glass?  I didn't want it too big to invite a lot of attention since the Circle is quite an obscure membership here.  That & the more recognizeable a vehicle, the more you risk being "targeted" it seems, sad but true.

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