Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seventh Challenge, Canadian Swarm 2012

Seventh Challenge by: Lilygirl:  Here is my challenge to you!!
1. Steal an object from a family member, friend or neighbour ( for the faint of heart an object found in a thrift store will do in a pinch)
2. Alter object using at least 2 Cricut cuts.
3. Quietly and unnoticed return altered object to original owner/spot (if this is a thrift store find, gift it unnoticed to someone ie. hang on neighbours fence porch, door etc..)

What did I "steal" to meet this challenge?  Identity?  Maybe.  How about I steal some dignity?  We all need more Ha ha's in life!

I was able to use some of the gypsy freebies that came with my circle memberhsip renewal, specifically the "Moustashes & Glasses" digital cartridge.  I figured out it is about 4cm the width of the average nose, very scientific guessing with a ruler, right?  I picked out all the moustashes, and made the very skinny one 43.8mm wide x37.5mm high, and let the others automatically proportion themselves a la gypsy.  These are different types of vinyl, the brown is wood grain ConTact paper, the white & silver is Dollerama shelf liner. 
 The silver is ConTact paper.  It looked quite blah.  All cuts were done "kiss cut,"  blade dial 3, cricut pressure dial 3.
Look how nice they become with some help from Sharpie markers!  The brown & plum coloured ones were done with Permapaque markers by Sakura.  They're nice, but they don't reveal the metallic shine as nicely as Sharpie does.  
 I have another post coming, I just need a photogenic feline for the final reveal of this crime!

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