Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rechargeable batteries

It seems every time I need something, it needs batteries.  I have been transitioning big time into using rechargeable batteries, especially since almost all kids toys need batteries!  So, they get dumped somewhere, skittle to the floor, charged & uncharged get mixed together, good grief!  I thought about it & decided I need a system easily understood & simple to use.  I thought about it & had a MyCreations card box begging for prettying up.  So I used pieces of this Chantilly paper pack and Twilight ink pad to edge the papers. 
 I really dislike measuring simple stuff.  I snipped a template of cardboard that is sitting in the middle of the box there.  I folded a piece of cardstock lenghthwise, then folded the middle, then put in the template & folded back the paper.  The picture below shows it on the right.  I snipped away about .25" off the ends & it fits nicely. 
 I secured it in place with Liquid Glass adhesive which dries strong, clear, and quickly.
A word of foresight, I would've been simpler to stamp the X for charged, O for dead, before I glued it all down, LOL!  I wish Costco would bring back these "Eneloop" batteries by Sanyo, they're really good because they stay charged when they've been sitting around for awhile. I'm glad you stopped in to have a look.

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  1. Figured out my problem with commenting - it's a Safari/Google Chrome thing.

    Nice box. Much prettier that what we use. :)



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