Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Cards

 I never used to be a fan of "matchy-matchy" or coordinated sets.  They always seemed to be too perfect, prissy even on my first impression.  I guess I'm a bit damaged from the thought of sweater sets and the 80's pastels?  I have changed, in the name of simplicity & limited time on precious baby naps.  These cards were just playing around experimenting with scraps from the Chantilly paper packet, when I made the MyCreations recipe box in the previous post.  I also used washi tape, Happy Thoughts stamp set, Twilight ink, champagne ink, corner rounder (that does double duty to make scalloped edges too),  4mm gems and scissors.  I don't have any measurements for you other than these are standard A2 cards size - 4 1/4" x 5 1/2".  Some open left to right, others open bottom to top.
 I see everywhere on the internet pretty piecy, layered scraps of paper cards & scrapbook layouts & thought, I can do that too!  Since these are pastel cards I used a piece of black posterboard to pop-up my colours for the pictures.
 I never saw the point of all the inking fussy detail that I see done on scrapbooking & cards.  It always seemed to be done with black or brown & reminds me of dirty tobacco or grubby stains.  I thought about it & decided it could be done with colours, and I like it a lot better.  See that little brown & white polka-dot arrow on the upper left card below?  That's covering a little oopsie with ink.  The upper right card has a scrap of patterned paper fussy-cut as the centre accent.  The little sayings are the "zip strips" from the edge of the patterned papers, one side identifies the paper line & the other side has pretty details so I used it.  I enjoyed clipping in notches & snipping the washi tape to create visual interest.  I was surprised that I really like the look of inking the edges.  Not all of the scraps were inked on the edges for these cards, but that's okay with me.
A little tip I picked up along the way:  Use corrugated cardboard scraps on cards to give dimension, much more economical than foam sticky dots.  As always, click on any of the pictures for a closer look.  I enjoyed the girly spring like impression of these cards.  I used cardstock 8.5x11" weight paper from a box store instead of card/envelope sets because I was just playing around. Now I need to get a bulk pack of A2 envelopes to complete the set.  I hope you are happy where-ever you are & playing with your supplies too.  Thanks for stopping in to look.

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