Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hectograph update

Just a quick update on the hectograph experiment.  Last night I remelted the small batch with vast improvement. The unmolding from the silicone pan was super easy.  The top surface is a little bubbled, probably from being poured too fast but look how smooth the bottom side is!!  It also became a little more clear looking which is neat to see.  Baby is waking up now so no time to play & try it out.  It sat out all night in the container on the kitchen counter.  There is no change between last night & this morning.    It no longer shows sticky finger prints.  I'm excited to play with this mini loaf, I have ideas!  I scraped out the bigger pan into the plastic measure & remelted one minute at a time in the microwave, about 4 minutes total.  It is cooling off & destined to go into the fridge for an hour once it is not hot.  I will update again when I can.

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