Saturday, November 9, 2013


This isn't an overly exciting post.  There are loads of examples of detail oriented "distressing" of details to make projects more visually interesting.  I'm all in favor of colours, not just edging everything in brown or black.  This is how I use the sponge from CTMH.  Sponges can be rinsed out and reused, no big deal.  I have started a system of tabbing my sponges, and just putting a star on the inks that have a mate sponge.   White Daisy paper cut to 1" x 2" fits the top of these sponges perfectly.  I note the ink colour, swipe it on the paper & staple it on.  This is not a new idea, Stampin up demonstrators use a tab punch to make prettier handles, same purpose. 
CTMH recommends sponges be cut into quarters, shown on the right.  I don't care for how thick it is in my hand so I cut in 6ths.  Uncut sponges stay in the package with papers waiting to be assigned.  The whole works store in a zipper baggie, until I get fed up with that system and try something else.
Thanks for stopping by, at least its not housework!

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