Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In case of Coffin

This was my entry for challenge #4 in the 3rd Canadian cricut circle online swarm.
The challenge was 
1. Make something for Halloween without using green purple yellow or orange
2. Make something for Thanksgiving without using orange, brown, red, or golden yellow.
3.  Make something for Christmas without using green red or pure white.
A prohibited colour may be used if it is a shade NOT traditional.  

My inspired is the "emergency (gift) kits" that are all over Pintrest and the internet.  
Materials used are listed at the end of this post.

I cut the coffin cut from the Artiste cartridge, button 46, page 76 feature 3D object at 7.5".  I tried 12" and found the lid uses less paper than the base.  Go figure, the base is deeper so it uses more paper.  Also, I found the lid is the "shift" cut, and the base is the non-shift.  That matters when planning papers.  What clued me in is the example and the layers are in different colours in the handbook.  I took a pen and wrote in my handbook (base, lid) so I don't forget.  I give you permission to write in your handbooks, and to rip out all the extra sheets of  languages you don't use.
 These little tiny stamps are for the note card.  I chose Art philosophy cartridge, button 50 cut at 3.5" because it looks a bit like a tombstone.  A nice way to use clear CTMH stamps is not having to think backwards like rubber stamps do.    Pick out the letters, arrange on a ruler face down so the letters & words read correctly.  Then use an acrylic block to pick them all up at once.  I recommend doing a few test stamps to check alignment and make sure there is no factory residues interfering with imprint quality.

Stamping before assembling the coffin makes the job easier.
I set in the potion stamp just for fun and tied it all up with the tag & brown bakers twine.
Materials used:
CTMH Artiste cricut cartridge
CTMH Art Philosophy cricut cartridge
CTMH slate ink
gold sparkle poster board ($3 for a big sheet!)
Super bright yellow cardstock from my stash
CTMH Creepy creatures stamp set #c1522
CTMH a typeface alphabet #a1117
CTMH Magic potions stamp set #c1509
CTMH CC1025A stamp of the month alphabet
redline super sticky tape
Honey, tea, tissues, cough candies
Bakers twine

What do you think?  Challenge me to try something a bit off the normal path, I dare ya!
Thanks for stopping by, now go make something unconventional & fun!!

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