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CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge: post 2 of 5

Please take a moment to read this Friendly Notice & disclaimer:  This file was created by Karen Richardson and is offered for free, for your personal use.  This information has been collected from a massive assortment of talented YouTube artists, creative bloggers, Pintrest, Google images searches, the friendly people on the Cricut message-boards, CTMH online business address & CTMH consultant message-board.   I started collecting these tips years ago and do not have records of where they were collected from, so credit is not noted.  I mean no offence or disrespect to the original talented and knowledgeable Cricut afficionado people of the internet.   The spirit of this document is information sharing, is of non-malicious intent, and is non-profit.  Feel free to direct your CTMH friends, to my blog to share this document with them.  However, this document may NOT be: sold, traded, bartered, published or presented as your personal work.  If you feel that this document is inappropriate for your purposes, please disregard it. 

Key:  p = handbook page; b = button on keypad; feature buttons are noted as in the handbook (IE Layer, Decorative layer, Tag, Card, Font, or Font layer).  * = flag

Art Philosophy Cartridge, Released 2011, CTMH Item #Z1686
Features 700 images (full content): 2 alphabets, numbers & punctuation, 100 cards, 2 envelopes, 8 containers, 50 slider tags, +50 tags, 6 photo-corners, 24 borders, 6 spiral flowers, 10 overlays, and loads of accents & foundational (basic) shapes to complement all seasons and events.  It is a great essential needs cartridge for all your projects.  At first appearance it looks to be a more formal looking cartridge.  Don’t let the handbook colours fool you!  It will mix & match with Artiste and Artbooking.  It has loads of possibilities for all your projects.
Digital Handbook PDF:
Coordinating stamp sets are available at consultants online business address, please go to Karen Richardson, your CTMH consultant's OBA

Art Philosophy Handbook notes:
1.       Coordinating Dimensional elements (Chipboard), 9x12” sheet, $3.95- $4.95 each. Noted on package what size to cut:  Stars item #Z1680; Hearts #Z1735
2.       Dimensional Elements Banners Item # 1685: p 29 b9; p39 b17; p49 b29; p68 b48
3.       Dimensional Elements Mixed Shapes Item #Z1683: p52 b32; p63 b43; p26 b6; p27 b7; p41 b21; p25 b5; p53 b33; p36 b16.
4.       Dimensional Elements Tags Item # 1684: p 70 b50; p30 b 10; p60 b40; p40 b20; p50 b30
5.       The jagged flower shapes can be wrapped with string “spirelli” style.
6.       Sliders/buckles make pretty ribbon ties, buckles, and photo layers. They can also make gorgeous banners.
7.       Banners/Pennants can be made mini for cards, scrapbooks, or mini-books.  They can be made large for parties or events.  They can be made as swag, straight line horizontal or vertical, or even to wrap around a topiary, display, gift, or Christmas tree.  Look at the tags as another option for this.
8.       Some stamp sets are not noted which cartridge needed are Art Philosophy cartridge.  This was a learning situation by CTMH as they developed the initial CTMH/Cricut paired stamp sets.
9.       Basic foundation shapes, or “Top note” shapes (example page 53) can be cut in incremental sizes with thin cardboard to keep as an embossing template for your Cuttlebug or other embossing machine.  This would be to mimic other metal die cut products that are limited to predetermined sizes/shapes.  They can be used as journal spots, photo mats, or cut in half as unifying accents on a card or scrapbook page.
10.   The alphabet “holes” can be accented with beads, sequins, gems, glitter, pearls or whatever you desire.
11.   Many of the cards can be made side or top fold as you choose.  Size layers down .25” or .5” for visual interest or accent.
12.   Font Layer SHIFT page 61-69, buttons 41-49 would layer nicely on round or square cards.
13.   Review “General Tips for Cricut cuts & Cricut usage” section for more ideas.

Art Philosophy Button ideas:
Page 21 font layer + shift button #1:  good for a 3D or heavily embellished square card, card set, or a cookie.
P 22 font layer + shift +b#2: domed box.  Embossed with dots & topped with flower page 39 in green becomes a strawberry.  Cut in other colours it becomes different types of fruits.
P 23 Decorative layer:  window scene for a card or scrapbook layout.  Cut “fit to page” one quadrant per season to celebrate a year of seasons.
P 23 b #3 tag:  belt buckle for Santa belt, Leprechaun hat buckle, suspenders, or a ribbon slider.
P 23 font layer + shift b#3:  purse or handbag.
P 24 font layer + shift b#4:  takeout box with lapped lid closure.
P 25 font layer + shift b#5: door hanger for student, tooth fairy, newlyweds, neighbor gift, teacher gift...
P 26 font layer + shift b#6: open top heart box.  Punch handle holes and string with ribbon to hang.
P27 font + shift b#7: fry box
P28 font layer + shift b#8: pillow box
P 29 b#9 card: *
P29 font layer + shift b#9: square card envelope.  Cut at “fit to page” the largest size will be 5.25”
P30 font layer +shift b#10: rectangle envelope.  Cut at “fit to page” the largest size will be 6.5”.  This can be assembled to open as a regular envelope (long side open) or leave a short side open for a top filling envelope.
P31 b#11: ruffled flowers in layers; 2” scallop circle (no punch needed); good base for making accordion flowers.
P 33 b 13:  a drop style hanging ornament, or a space shuttle.
P39 b #19 Card: *
P40 b #20 layer & decorative layer: overlay to highlight a picture.
P 41 b#21: butterfly does not match p55 b35 butterfly if layering.
P44 b#24 decorative layer: use to feature a picture or journaling spot on a card or scrapbook page.
P 47 shift b# 27: could be earring, ornament, pendant, banner
P 48 b#48 card or tag: tab, useful for organizing mini files, pullout accents on scrapbooks, cards or mini-books.  Fun way to draw attention to hidden journaling; “read me,” “FYI,” or “pull.”
P 49 b#29 card: *                   
P55 b#35: butterfly does not match butterfly on page 41 for layering.
P58, 59, 60 font, font + shift: 6 different mix & match photo-corners; use on a journaling spot, on a card or as a pull tab in a mini book or card detail. “Read me,” “Peek,” “FYI.”
P59 b39 card: *
P60 shift + b40: hidden journaling tag, or a card if wrapped in a belly band.
P60-70 borders: can be used as paper ribbon; accordion folded flowers; belly bands; laced with ribbon, yarn, bakers twine or thread.
Border length & width are sized to cut proportionally so they will not distort with different sizes.  They can be cut lengthwise; spliced across a scrapbook page or layout; cut in multiples; positioned to one side of the page with an embellishment on the short side; or the join arranged across a page can be covered with a picture or embellishment.  Most (not all) will cut out if sized at 1” to be 6” long.
P 61-70 font layer + shift: spray ink templates; cut “fit to page” as lace overlays or doilies for place settings or party decor
P64 b#44: ticket stub for movie, special invitation, journaling spot
P65 layer + shift b#45: tear drop could be a pointer arrow to draw attention to a picture or element.
P68 b#48 card: *
P69 font + shift b#49: works as a “pinecone” like what Tim Holtz Youtube videos show.  Crimp the midpoint of each petal before rolling.  Keep it tight as you roll, pull it a bit long.  After rolling flip back the points.  Ink edges if preferred.

 I will strive to update this document as I am able.  If you find MORE ideas to add, or corrections, please do add them to the comments in this post so I can add them in with future updates. 

Do you enjoy Close to my Heart products, and their Cricut partnership like I do, but want more?  I would be honoured to be your CTMH consultant.   I thank you in advance for considering your CTMH purchases with me!  "CTMH direct link here" Your purchases help me justify my Hobbiest business status so I can continue to share deals, ideas & creations with you.  

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