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CTMH Artiste Cricut cartridge: post 3 of 5

Please take a moment to read this Friendly Notice & disclaimer:  This file was created by Karen Richardson and is offered for free, for your personal use.  This information has been collected from a massive assortment of talented YouTube artists, creative bloggers, Pintrest, Google images searches, the friendly people on the Cricut message-boards, CTMH online business address & CTMH consultant message-board.   I started collecting these tips years ago and do not have records of where they were collected from, so credit is not noted.  I mean no offence or disrespect to the original talented and knowledgeable Cricut afficionado people of the internet.   The spirit of this document is information sharing, is of non-malicious intent, and is non-profit.  Feel free to direct your CTMH friends, to my blog to share this document with them.  However, this document may NOT be: sold, traded, bartered, published or presented as your personal work.  If you feel that this document is inappropriate for your purposes, please disregard it. 

Key:  p = handbook page; b = button on keypad; feature buttons are noted as in the handbook (IE Accent 1, 2, 3, 4, Card, 3D Object).   * = flag
Artiste Cartridge, Released 2012, item #Z1790
Features (700 images, full content):  full alphabet, numbers & punctuation; colour coded images for ease of project selection; linked sizing so there is no guessing how to make elements size together; separate assembly guide for 3D projects; themed projects for any event or occasion of the year, large or small, from Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween, to occasions like birthdays and baby showers; plus clever motifs like signage, game night, gears, timepieces, awards, and more; 55 cards & 25 specialty envelopes; 3 mini-books,  50-3D containers; doilies & borders; tags; 20 cupcake wrappers; 4 spiral flowers;  7 accordion rosettes.  This cartridge will Mix & match with Art Philosophy and Artbooking to enhance all your projects & events!
Coordinating Dimensional Elements (Chipboard), 9x12” sheets, $4.95 each. Noted on packages what size to cut:  Album pages Z1791, Awards Z1792, Quotes Z1793
Coordinating stamp sets are available consultant online business address, please go to:  Karen Richardson, your CTMH consultant OBA

Artiste Handbook notes:
1.       Coordinating pieces on the same key are sized together (IE lid & Base of a box; card & envelope). Colours match to coordinating pieces.
2.       Use “Real Dial Size” if you need a specific actual size.  This may give you trouble sizing paired items (IE box & lid).
3.       3D images will have a green number beside them, indicating which page to turn to in the assembly handbook.  Some images have a red number with horizontal or vertical arrow, these note maximum size you will be able to cut manually on your machine.  You may be able to cut larger with Cricut craft room or Gypsy, or Cricut Design Space digital cutting programs.  Some images will have a red number IE X2, which means Cut Two. 
4.       In the assembly handbook, tick marks (tiny dotted lines) = score lines for folding, arrows indicate direction of fold.  Glue bottle shows where to apply adhesive.  Page number in green in assembly booklet show the corresponding page in handbook.
5.       Review “General Tips for Cricut cuts & Cricut usage” section for more ideas.

Artiste Button ideas:
Page 31 button #1 borders, trim layers, project belly bands, paper lace...
P 36 b6 accent 1, 2, 3: announcement detail for a card, sentiment, quite, or journaling.
P36 b6 3D object: pretty with double sided paper, enclose tea, lottery ticket, or gift card.
P37 b 7 3D object box:  If made in red poster board there is a project online showing it as a red “Angry Birds” party favour.
P38 b8 coordinates with p39 b9.
P39 b9 gears similar to “steampunk” trend, teenagers, masculine, “grunge,” “Tim Holtz” brand style.  P39 Shift + Card b9 cut at “fit to page” makes a nice mini-book sleeve.
P40 b10 card:  petal card, pretty with double sided paper.
P40 3D Object b10: note cut 2 on the shift image.  This would be pretty as a lantern or (battery) tea-light holder.  Non-shift cut with vellum or acetate , then embossed or stamped would be very pretty.  Cut at 3” punch a 1+1/4” hole in the centre of one end cap to insert a treat tube (Z1823) gift.
P40 b10 brackets as funky mustaches
P41 Accent 2 b11: a fringe skirt for the dress form; paper weaving, cut 2 & weave together to make a heart; 3D carrot treat boxes for Easter use triangle box (page 50, 53, 61) with this rolled up as greens;  the fringe at the end of party blower;  a flower that you roll up and fluff out the petals and then use it on the purse from the same page as a 3D accent/or curl petals outward to make a rounded flower; a funky flower stamen; (witches) broom with a toothpick handle; fringe background layer like a curtain for a window or door; grass; cut at 2" = pom-poms; a tassel.
P43 b13 accent 1&2: swirls done monotone (IE grey on dark grey) make interesting background detail for a card or scrapbook.  Or use as resist mask for spray inks, chalk, ink masks detail backgrounds or feature image.
P44 Card + shift b14: bi-fold lapped closure card.
P45 b15 3D object:  dice; baby blocks for a party; daring game challenges on each side; Rubix cube; multiple sizes (4 limbs, head & body) stacked into a robot...
P46 b16 accent 1, 2, 3, 4 pretty paper or chipboard buttons, flower layers, flower faces with google eyes on the dots.
P47 b17 Accent 2: file folder card or minibook.
P47 b17 accent 3:  cut at 5.25” or 5.5” will fit A2 (4x5.5” cards).  Attach centre of outer-wrap first, then do the sides.  Try with double sided paper, using one side for each component.
P48 3D object b18: container base is red(non shift), lid is pink SHIFT, cut the lid first if you want it a different size or just want to use it as a little container.  Make an “Explosion box” when the base is cut 3 layers each incrementally smaller by .5”.  It will give 30 spots for pictures, journaling or embellishment.  It is even more visually interesting if base layers are slightly twisted alignment when assembled.
P49 b19 3D object correction, non-shift image maximum cut size is 5+3/4” wide.
P50 b20 card & 3D objects: accordion rosettes are CUT 2; use to make badges, awards, gift toppers,  stacked they can make a tree.  They need to be “grounded” on a circular base of scrap paper or use a doily shape on one or both sides.  Quick drying glue is your friend making these. (IE glue gun, or small amounts of “liquid glass item #Z679” and a light weight to hold it to dry (like your Cricut cartridge box).
P51 b21 card (envelope), accent 1 & 2 are sized together on their key.  Accent 1 or 2 can mix & match.  Cut the “non-shift” first, then the shift second.  3D object is a mailbox perfect for valentines, birth announcements, party favours or games.
P 52 b22 “Swing-cards” cut at 5.5” = A2 size (5.5” x4.25” cards).  If the 3D object (box) is cut on a 12x24” mat it should fit the set of cards if all cut at 5.5”.  Cut the cards, envelope, & box all at 3.5” to have them size together as a set for small note cards. 
P52 Accent 1 b22 coordinating shape is on the “Art Philosophy” CTMH cartridge P62 b42 (Oval5) layers  cut at 2.5” & 2.75” will give perfect layers to match if card cut at 5.5”.  Also coordinates with “Perfect Frames D1527” MyAcrylics stamp set.
P52 Accent1 SHIFT b22, coordinating shape is on “Art Philosophy” CTMH cartridge P67 b47 cut at 2.75” to match if card cut at 5.5”
P52 Accent2 b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P 48 Card SHIFT b18 cut at 2.5” to match if card cut at 5.5”
P52 Accent 2 SHIFT b22, coordinating shape is on “Art Philosophy” CTMH cartridge P53 b33 layers cut at 2.5” & 2.25” to match if card cut at 5.5”
P52 Accent3 b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P51 Accent 2 SHIFT b21 cut at 3”
P52 Accent3 SHIFT b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P48 Card b18 cut at 2.5” matches, 2.75” to layer.
P52 Accent4 b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P77 Accent 1 b47 cut at 2.25”
P52 Accent4 SHIFT b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P66 Accent 3 SHIFT b36 cut at 3/4”
P52 Card b22 coordinating shape is on “Artiste” CTMH cartridge P35 Accent3 b5 cut at 2.75” to match, to layer cut at 3.25”
P53 b23 SHIFT accent 1, 2, 3 multiple cuts scored down the centre & glue the sides back to back in odd or even number groupings, can be assembled into a 3D star or ornaments
P 54 b 24 Accent 1 & 2 (flowers) assemble coiling from outer edge to centre with a quilling tool (Z1795) or tweezers (Z1382).  Change the appearance by inking the outer edge of the coil to make a dark centre flower.  You can Crimp, clip petals into mini fringe, or layer onto other shaped components to further change appearance.  If rolled with a pen, the centre may be more open to allow a button or sparkle accent.
P 54 3D object b 24 (open top box) a cute Easter basket filled with shredded paper.  Double sided papers change the look too.  Could be filled with candy, chocolate coins, a special rock...
P 55 b 25 Card: gift card holder, cut at 4.75”; (then 4.5”, then 4.25” pieces to layer).  Cutting one fits a 8.5x11” paper
P55 3D Object b 25: self closing box.  Take time to score all folds for easier assembly
P56 b26 3D Object:  tea light box (line with coloured tissue or vellum for coloured glass effect & battery tea light); gift box; cut at 2.5” 2” 1.5” can be stacked to make a snowman
P57 b27 puzzles with stickers on them for a game; Do a test cut, do not unload the mat, remove puzzle & replace with a picture, push  “line return” (Expression machine) & repeat cut for photo puzzle; autism awareness puzzle pieces
P57 Card b 27: gift card holder, chocolate bar holder, cutlery pocket for place setting if long 2 sides glued together; pretty library tag pocket for hidden journaling on a scrapbook layout
P57 3D object b27: card box for 3D cards, cookie, note pad gift
P57 3D object SHIFT b27: cut 20 score centre line of each and glue back to back in batches of 2 or 4 to make a 3D ornament assembling the batches, or cut 2, fold one & layer on top of other for accent detail
P58, 59, 60 mini book pages will not mix & match sizes or alignment between buttons
P58 b28 mini book:  start with 3D object (cover) first, then cut individual pages without changing the dial size to have them all size together.  The max size the cover will cut is the max size the mini book pages will be.
P59 b29 mini book:  start with 3D object SHIFT b29 (cover) first, then cut individual pages without changing the dial size to have them all size together.  The max size the cover will cut is the max size the mini book pages will be.
P59 Card b 29:  gift card holder, cut at 4.75” to fit a gift card.  Or enclose a tea bag, skinny piece of chocolate, money, origami object...
P59 Card Shift b29: bookmark, smiley face if “eyes” added, pull tab if glued to embellishment
P60 b30 mini book:  start with Card (cover) first, then cut individual pages without changing the dial size to have them all size together.  The max size the cover will cut is the max size the mini book pages will be.  These match the Dimensional Elements “album pages” item #Z1791
P61-80 curved shape (IE P61 b31 Accent 4):  cupcake paper liner, standard cupcakes cut at 2”.  For rolled socks gift try at 2.5” add a pompom cherry & wrap in cellophane.  You will have to play around with sizes, but these are also really nice wrapped around plants, Easter egg stands, rolled baby “onzies,” rolled lingerie, battery tea light...
P61 3D object SHIFT b31 cut 2 if desired accent piece for front & back of triangle box
P62 3D Object b32: The top of box is more narrow than the bottom: Olympics stand, ornament display, circus stand.
P63 3D object b 33:  baby shoe cut in blue or pink for baby party; use patterned papers for a little girl party.
P64 Card & Shift layerb34:  diaper card
P64 Accent 4 Shift b 34: *
P65 Accent 2 b 35:  “thought bubbles” fun done in chalkboard vinyl for reminders or happy thoughts or quotes on bathroom mirror, entry way mirror, April Fools joke...
P65 Card b 35: scored to the left & right of the centre guides to enclose a lip gloss, toothbrush, pen, device stylus, candy cane, honey stick, lazer pointer...
P66 accent 3 shift b36: *
P66 3Dobject b36:  see page 29 in handbook or page 45 in assembly book to see better detail
P66 3D object Shift b36: folded in half as a hinge in a mini-book, or a pull, or a flag *
P67 Accent 2: accordion folded becomes a mini book or scrapbook page accent when backed with paper
P67 accent 2 shift b37: cut 8 or 9 layered small to medium in greens= Xmas tree.  Fun on a lollypop, a straw, or cut in vinyl on a mug.
P67 3D object b37:  popcorn box, (candy popcorn, munchies mix...)
P68 accent 4 shift b38: *
P68 3D Objectb38:  party popper, score all 4 lines horizontal and 8 vertical for easier assembly
P68 3D Object Shift b38:  tea light cover, wizard hat
P69 Accent 2 b39: tiara for stuffed toy, child, pet
P69 Shift Accent 4 b39: insert for cupcake box (or coffee pod, or a pot of hand lotion size dependant
P69 3D object b39:  base & lid, cut Shift (lid) first
P70 Accent 4 b 40: *
P70 3D Object b40: cut 8 lid & base to make a complete cake. (lid is SHIFT image)
P71 Accent 4 Shift b41: *
P71 3D Object b41: flat backed box, make 2 & give back to back for an unusual gift
P72 Accent 1 b42:  would be pretty tied with a paper or real button
P72 Accent 2 b42: pretty with double sided paper to gift an enclosure
P72 3D Object button 42:  strawberry if embossed with tiny dots, or other fruit if different coloured paper.
P73 shift Accent 1 b43: layered incrementally would be showy on the box (accent 2 b43)
P74 Shift Accent 4 b44: crown, add a band of paper to put on toys or pets; double stick paper to add to a ball hat.
P75 Card b45:  tie or bow tie shirt, or a Hawaiian shirt...
P75 Object b45: bowtie box; add gold buckle & black belt = Santa bag; tuxedo bag if done in pearlized paper with black bowtie.
P76 Object b46:  The lid is the SHIFT image
P77 3D Object b47:  owl bag, cut 2 for eyes, cute with big google eyes
P78 Accent 3 b48: turkey can have 3D tail if cut 2 of Accent 1 & cut a slit on (top) back of bird to let “feather tail” fan out.
P80 Accent 1 b50:  To make a poinsettia flower, cut 3 in red pink or white, and cut 2 in green.  Pinch the petals (mountain fold) to crease a centre vein detail. Remove 2 petals from each green cut for leaves.  Ink & glitter as desired.
P80 3D Object b50: cut at 2.5” makes nice cubby boxes for advent calendar

 I will strive to update this document as I am able.  If you find MORE ideas to add, or corrections, please do add them to the comments in this post so I can add them in with future updates. 

Do you enjoy Close to my Heart products, and their Cricut partnership like I do, but want more?  I would be honoured to be your CTMH consultant.   I thank you in advance for considering your CTMH purchases with me!  "CTMH direct link here" Your purchases help me justify my Hobbiest business status so I can continue to share deals, ideas & creations with you.  

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