Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ShinHan Marker colouring

Just a quick post to show what I've been playing with.  As always, click on any picture to enlarge.
 Random stamping with a new stamp set.
 Stamp of the Month in Archival black ink.  Note some are generational stamped, first and second stampings from the same inking, just to see how the markers look with pale grey vs dark black outlines.  I like how I could mix and match eyes and the eye mask shape on the owls.  Truthfully, I wasn't that excited about this stamp set, but playing with it is fun!  I got to thinking about a certain Candy C***h game owl and the candy jewel colours in the game.  Plus, there's a blog hop HERE showing CTMH consultants uses of this What a Hoot August SOTM stamp set.
 Playing around style with Shin Han alcohol markers colouring.

March 2015 SOTM, "Choose Happy" sideways again, groan, sorry about that.

Blooming Heart #1049
 No idea why this is sideways again, grrr!
Your own kind of Wonderful #D1627

Treasured Friendship #C1594
I didn't colour a lot of seashells images, I was blocked about doing them somehow.  Maybe because I am an inland gal?  I challenged myself to colour with lots of colour combinations, including candy, uggy, traditional, non-traditional.  I found if I didn't like a colour or colour combination, they could be blended with the clear blender, or toned down with grey, yellow, blue or red.  I really liked doodling with the blender pen, both tips.  I have seen some really fun things done by stamping patterned papers and cutting them out.  With these markers I found old habits of outlining with the colour and then filling it in isn't really necessary. My totally non-specific technique of slapping colours on quick and sloppy style really gave my favorite results, and bonus, it created the most creative effects!  A lot of stamp sets have shading lines to guide where darker colour detail can appear, that helps since I have no idea where shell contours would go normally.  I hope to make cards from the final results. 

Sorry this is a rushed post, I have a couple more pictures to show, but my toddler nap time ran out. 

Happy Summer to you!

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