Friday, August 1, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: 1 of 15 daily posts

Do you struggle with information overload?  Forgetful of cool techniques?  Stuck in a creative rut?  Spend way too much time on the computer feeling the spinning of your mental cogs but not in the good way?

Ya, me too.  So I got to thinking of all the notebooks I've started & scribbled haphazard ideas into, usually one a year, sometimes overlapping so multiple notebooks are in play.  Sound sort-of familiar?  The notebooks were a solution to the haphazard slips & scraps of paper with scribbled "great ideas," pre-Pintrest, and the habit continues.  I surf through my rambling notebooks sometimes and discover there is very little repetition, awesome!

I decided I needed another little notebook and to actually DO sample stamping techniques in it to keep with my stamp supplies.  It is only 4" x 4", short and sweet, but not too runty either.  I spent a whole morning playing with this creation and I really enjoyed just following the impulse and rounding it out as I made it.

Are you interested in creating one too?  (I hear a resounding, "YA, sure!" reply, in my mind, LOL!)

For the next 15 posts, I am going to show how to do at least 22 techniques, a page-a-day, in about 15 minutes/day.  Or you can wait until the end and do all 14 pages, in any sequence you prefer in about 3-4 generous hours if you prefer. You can change the page order if you like, I am happy.  I will include YouTube videos produced by CTMH showcasing the techniques, since they know how to show it all pretty and clear.    

Here we go, this will take about 30-60 minutes, set aside these supplies please:

Supplies, I use CTMH supplies, you use what you have Mmm'k?
  • Line drawing image clear stamp set 
  • Solid image clear stamp set
  • Words & sentiments clear stamp set
Note: I used CTMH MyAcrylix stamp sets that came with my Cricut cartridge collections Art Philosophy, and Artiste
  • pencil & eraser & pen
  • scrap paper or more white daisy paper
  • paper towel
  • washi tape and/or scotch tape
  • clear embossing powder
  • white embossing powder
  • heat gun tool

Measure 4" to create a "tick-tac-toe" grid, and a trimmer or scissors.  Cut on the solid black lines.  The dotted lines are fold lines for the front & back covers.  I put the folded edge of the covers on the open side (not the bound edge).  I used my Zutter "Bind-it-all" to punch the holes, but any heavy duty hole punch tool will work.  Or take a few minutes with a hand punch, just use what you have.  Place the blender pen against the spine as a spacer, and wrap twine or yarn around the pen as you thread the holes.  This keeps the book from being bound too tight.  I snipped apart the pages, trimmed them tidy, and ran an edge distresser along the edges.  If you have loads of white envelopes or other white paper, feel free to use whatever size suits you, its your note-book.
14 page 4"x4" book.

All the pictures I took on my sadly weathered deck in one day.  Feel free to click on any of the pictures to enlarge details.  Now your mini-book is done, come back tomorrow to see what comes next.  Here is more information about inks:  Pigment or Dye inks.

A tip for this project:  do test stamping on a scrap of paper or on another sheet of white daisy cardstock.  If you cut out all those test stamp images during TV time or with your kids, you will have a pretty assortment of embellishments for cards or scrapbook accents.  Cluster those test stamp bits with glitter glue, ribbon, buttons, sewing...  Whatever suits you really, now you have embellishments you would've paid quite a lot more for from the store.  Still don't want them?  Swap them with friends, give them to a school, a youth group, a women's shelter, a senior centre...  Or just throw them in the recycle bin, its no big deal, just have fun playing with your stuff!

Thanks for stopping by!

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