Saturday, August 2, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 1 of 14

Note this is not the front cover page (page 1) we will be doing that later. This is page 2 in your booklet.

This is stamping at its most basic.  Just following the instructions in the enclosed leaflet.
1.  Gently peel the stamp from the carrier sheet and apply it to an appropriate sized clear acrylic block.  A block that is too big or too small works, but can be annoying.  If you are rough with peeling stamps from the carrier sheet, the stamp (especially more delicate ones) may tear.  CTMH won't replace those because of user error.  The good news is you could tear a stamp or even cut it apart if desired (GASP!) and it would still stamp quite well if you place it neatly back together again.
2.  Season the stamp by stamping your bare arm OR cleaning it with spritz & stamp scrubber OR rubbing it gently with Rub & Remove eraser.  Doing this removes the manufacture processing residue for a better image.  If you have highly sensitive reactive skin, I recommend using the spritz & scrubber for this step or the R&R Eraser.
3.  Put the foam cushion insert under the paper.
4.  Ink up the stamp, tap-tap, twist-twist, tap tap.  Look to check it has satisfactory ink coverage.
5.  Stamp your image.
6.  Stamp it again on your scratch paper, to unload more ink = less cleaning.  Clean the stamp with your spritz & stamp scrubber. This is the scratch paper I mentioned in yesterday's post, save it if you like.

I used an edge distresser to roughen the edges of all the pages in this book.  A word of caution, CLOSE your ink pads first.  The bits of fluff mess up stamping images, and that fluff goes everywhere!
On the bottom right corner I rubbed the stamp pad directly across the paper, aka, swiping it.  Notice how it is streaky looking? its a great grunge look.
On the upper right corner I used a sponge to ink the corner, a much softer effect.
On the upper left corner I used a sponge dauber to make dots.  Here is a video link showing more Dauber Dynamite tricks.

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