Thursday, August 14, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 13 of 14

This is more effect than technique, in my opinion.

Stamp an image with White Daisy pigment ink on dark paper.
Pour white embossing powder over it, over scratch paper to catch the overflow.
A gentle tap-tap will let loose embossing powder slide off = more smooth look.
A more aggressive flick-flick of the paper will let more embossing powder fall off = more mottled or distressed look like mine is.
Heat from the front or the back with a heat gun.  Its a good idea not to overheat embossing powder, it is powdered plastic.  If you are sensitive to fumes of any sort, it would be best to do this in a well ventilated area.  Heat + plastic = fumes.

In the picture I cut out the image and glued it in, because the booklet is white paper.  I bet a whole booklet could be done with heat embossing techniques?

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