Monday, August 4, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 3 of 14

This technique is called Drop shadow.  I can't seem to find any "official" CTMH videos to complement this page.  Basically, it involves first and second generation stamping.  Stamp your image once, then offset it a smidge any direction and stamp a second time.  Many people have done this "by mistake" dropping the stamp.  If you want to take it to the 3D-cartoon-grafitti level, draw little lines to connect the images.  Think of what a cube drawn 3D looks like to get the idea.

The lower star flower image shows a drop shadow accentuated with the blender pen to make a more blurred flying look.  It is a great technique for accentuating motion of falling stars, snow, rain, leaves, running creatures...

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