Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Your Stamping Notebook: page 4 of 14


Here  are two more CTMH video links to enjoy.

The first technique is called Kissing, where you take a solid stamp image, ink it up, and touch it to another texture, or stamp image like flowers, swirls, shapes...  I used the back of a CTMH clear stamp to get the shape.  Using the back of stamps doubles their options.   The Smokey plum coloured star was kissed to my stamp scrubber.  The Sorbet coloured star was kissed to some produce mesh.  The Topiary coloured star was kissed to another stamp.

The second video shows really neat examples of the Swipe technique, which I forgot to put in my booklet.  Ink the stamp really well, then drag it along the stamp pad to get streaks, and stamp as usual.  This makes nice faded or distressed lines on the image.  Here anther blog post showing the Swipe and more techniques.  Click on any of my pictures to enlarge detail.

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