Thursday, February 12, 2015

Artfully Sent Robot Birthday cards

Don't you just love my ghetto watermark?  I'm so pleased I started remembering to do that, LOL  Another card created with Artfully Sent CTMH Cricut cartrige, and unknown papers, possibly Recollections brand.  Just plain cut, it looks okay, but needs brightening.  The orange and red wasn't doing it for me.
Sorry, another sideways picture, but its actually in my favour for once.  I used my pencil trace and layer in holographic glitter tape from the dollar store for the sentiment.  I decided I wanted the outline of the robot to stand out a bit better.  So, I traced it with a black marker, maybe sharpie I forget, and slipped and wrecked the card.  So I just kept going and doodled all over, added some "punchies" for decoration like stars and called it done.

What do you think?  Was it saved or wrecked?

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